Top Rated 10 Inch Subwoofers In 2017

NamePriceWant To Buy It?!Rating(10)Power
Rockford Fosgate P3D2$$Check the price(7.5)500 watts RMS
1000 watts peak power
Kicker 10C104$Check the price(7)150 watts RMS
300 watts peak power
JL Audio 10W7AE-3$$$$Check the price(9)750 watts RMS
1500 watts peak power
Orion HCCA102$$$Check the price(8.5) Peak: 3000 watts RMS: 1500 watts
MTX Audio 5510-44$$Check the price(7.5)800 watts peak power
Infinity 100.9w Kappa$$$Check the price(8)1,400 watts peak power
Alpine SWR-10D4$$Check the price(8)1000 watts RMS
3000 watts peak power

When it comes to car Subwoofers there’s a lot of sizes to pick from. 15,12,10, and 8 Inch Subs.

Each size has specific features that you can’t find with any other size.

Today we are going to review the best 10 Inch subs you can buy these days.

What we really like about this size is the fact that it performs pretty well comparing to its size.

Between the 8 Inch that surely sometimes give you great value but also sometimes you become needy and want more and more bass.

And with the 12 Inch it could give you all the bass you want but also it will take a lot of space and maybe you can’t even fit it in your car.

And here where the value of the 10 Inch subwoofers shines.

We are going to include $200 and $700 Woofers because for us the best means the best in every price range.

Mentioning all the fancy expensive subs is not going to be a list of the best instead it is going to be a list of the most expensive and most powerful subs but we like to tell the best in each price tag and for each taste.

Here are the Top Rated 10 Inch Subwoofers in 2017:

Rockford Fosgate P3D2

500 watts RMS, 1000 watts peak power, 27-250 Hz frequency response, and 82 dB of sensitivity.

the beauty of RF is that you can’t make a list of the best gears in any car audio category without mentioning one of their products.

and when it comes to subwoofers the Punch series gave us one of the most valuable Subs on the market.

when they designed this woofer they made it clear that their priority was durability and sound quality.

with a Rigid Anodized Aluminum Cone that is so responsive and light, it is going to perform as a BIG heat sink taking the heat away from the voice coils.

with attaching the Rubber Surround to the Cone you are going to get +25% cone area which means more accurate and deep bass.

Which amp should I use with the RF P3D2 ?!

a lot of customers were happy with the R500X1D and why they shouldn’t ?! the company makes powerful and durable amps since a lot of time.

I’m a big fan of Rockford products, their designs and innovations are amazing and they are the most affordable premium brand I’ve ever seen in the car audio market.
the RF P3D2 is an amazing subwoofer if you are not looking for a very loud bass, sure it is an awesome purchase for your bucks.

Kicker 10C104

150 watts RMS, 300 watts peak power, 30-500 Hz frequency response, and 86.2 dB of sensitivity.

This buddy is for the people who don’t want to break their bank account but want to rock with their car sound system.

it is so durable with the usage of Flex-Resistant Polypropylene Cone which also provides you with amazing lows that come without any distortion.

using ribbed foam surround and tough steel basket is awesome and makes you get the big bass (NOT SO BIG) an easy thing.

We are mentioning this Sub because it is awesome for people on a budget so for them this could be the most affordable thing on our list.

JL Audio 10W7AE-3

750 watts RMS, 1500 watts peak power (so be ready to pay a lot for an amp), 20-250 Hz frequency response, and 84.3 dB of sensitivity.

Now the fun begins.

this Sub is one of the most expensive, beautiful, patented, and powerful 10 Inch subs you will ever see.
with 6 Patents JL dominated this category with the innovation, beauty, and performance you will get with such a woofer.

briefly, I will mention the most interesting patents JL has with the 10W7AE-3:

1- OverRoll:

to get more cone area to use they invented a new mounting method to let the surround wrap around the outside of the mounting flange.

2- W-cone:

attaching a second W-shaped cone to the sub’s voice coil structure enables it to give you very accurate bass without any distortion.

3- Floating Cone Attach Method:

making precise alignment between the voice coil and the woofer cone using precision engineering will give you TRUE accurate bass that you gonna enjoy every time you use the sub.

these were the Patents we liked the most. there are more Patents about their cooling technologies which are pretty neat.

It’s a monster. it will take a lot of power and give a lot of Bass. it is so durable and at the same time, it is completely a beautiful one. if you can afford it go for it you will never regret it.

Which amp should I use to use to power the 10WAE-3 ?!

JL HD900/5 is going to powerfully power this baby.

Orion HCCA102

with 3000 watts Peak power and 1500 watts RMS you can imagine who this sub is going to perform and if not go to Amazon or you favorite place on the internet to find who the people are perceiving this beautiful thing.

the “Red Screamer” is the nickname we gave to this sub. we mentioned the 15 Inch sub from Orion in our previous post as one of the best 15 Inch subwoofers in the market and here there is no difference.

the 10 Inch sub from Orion is a top-notch subwoofer that is going to rattle your windows with the bass you get from it (and maybe rattle your bank account with the price you pay for it).

but at the end of the day, you are going to be happy because it is such a delightful experience to have one of these babies in your car.

the Orion HCCA102 features Enhanced cooling system and Dual flat conex spiders with loop stitched tinsel leads for reliability and durability so it is a solid sub.

MTX Audio 5510-44

with 400 watts RMS the MTX 5510-44 is not going to rattle your windows, to be honest, but for the value, you get it is a pretty decent deal.

This subwoofer is not the best 10 Inch sub you can buy. it has some flaws and it is not expensive but for the price, I bet you to get a better one.

it has an amazing build quality and MTX really used amazing materials to make this sub.

it looks absolutely beautiful and they cared about the details the thing that a lot of brands don’t care about while competing in an inexpensive range.

the way MTX squeezed the oversized cone within the regular frame gave the sub the ability to move more air and give more bass while at the same time the movement of the woofer cools the sub.

it features 800 watts peak power, 28-130 Hz frequency response, and 83.5 dB sensitivity.

to power this baby you can easily go with the Kicker 12CX300.1.

Infinity 100.9w Kappa

coated glass-fiber cone with rubber surround, cast aluminum basket, frequency response: 25-400 Hz, power range: 50-350 watts RMS (1,400 watts peak power), sensitivity: 89 dB

Infinity is an amazing company that we love and respect. they made some of the finest car audio gears you can buy with money.

when we saw this subwoofer we were impressed with how stunning it looks. aren’t you?

while the design of this sub is the most seductive feature, it is not the only one.

the sub has Infinity’s unique selectable smart impedance design, which makes it so easy to install it.

one more feature we love about this sub is the coated glass-fiber cone which offers amazing rigidity that minimizes distortion

we recommend powering this baby with the RF 500X1D.

Alpine SWR-10D4

1000 watts RMS and 3000 watts peak power which means that you will need a lot of power to feed this bulletproof monster to get the most out of it.

Our last sub is going to be from Alpine specifically from their Type R series. this is a series that has a lot of popularity and anyone who is passionate about car sound system will sure know it because of the sound quality and the durability you get with this series.

sure with a cone made from Kevlar which is the same material used to make bulletproof vests and HAMR Santoprene surround it has to be durable.


  • Kevlar reinforced pulp cone with HAMRS Santoprene rubber surround
  • frequency response: 26-200 Hz
  • power handling: 300-1,000 watts RMS (500 watts per coil)
  • peak power: 3,000 watts
  • sensitivity: 82.1 dB
  • top-mount depth: 5-7/8″

Should I go with Sealed or Ported Enclosures with 10-inch subs? IT DESPENDS. see, when you buy subwoofers like the Orion or the JL we mentioned above we recommend you go ported because it is going to complete your experience having big boomy bass in your car.

but if you went with the Kicker for example so we recommend you go with sealed because of two reasons: 1- with subs like the Kicker in our list there isn’t a lot of power to optimize. 2- when you go with such a sub you probably don’t have space, money, or the taste to have a lot of bass in your car that’s why a sealed box is going to be better in this specific situation. Now you have it, the best 10-inch subwoofers for your bucks.

mind your needs and pick the best one for your car. Check these best monoblock amps to power these subs

As Always, Enjoy Your Car Sound System.

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