11 Cheap but Good car subwoofers

we’re in 2017 and When it comes to car sound system you will find a lot of unreasonable talks that you should spend at least $$$ of dollars to enjoy a good car sound system.


Actually, you shouldn’t think about car sound system that way. you need to know your needs and what exactly you listen to and enjoy. then you should customize the sound system to your needs.

with this in mind, we thought we should review some cheap but very good subwoofers you should probably consider one of them while choosing your car subwoofer in 2017.


11 Best Cheap subwoofers in 2017: 

Subwoofer nameSizeRMS powerPriceCustomers rating (5)Want to buy it?!
Sundown E-12 V.3 D412"500W$$4.8Check the Price
Sundown SA-8 V1.5 D48"400W$$4.6Check the Price
Rockville RW10CA10"200W$$4.3Check the Price
MTX Terminator TNE212D12"400W$$4.5Check the Price
Pioneer TS-WX120A6.5150W$$4.7Check the Price
Pioneer TS-SWX300212"Pre-Loaded$$4.4Check the Price
Kicker 10cvr15-212"500W$$5.0Check the Price
Boss BASS12APK12"800W Max$$4.2Check the Price
SOUND STORM LOPRO1010"1200W Max$$4.2Check the Price
KICKER 10TC10410"500W$$4.7Check the Price
Rockville RWS12CA12"1200 Max$$3.6Check the Price


1-Sundown Audio E-12 V.3 D4 


E-12 V.3 D4 - Sundown Audio 12 2


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As you will see from the specifications, there is nothing super in the sub.
but it’s all about Sundown subwoofers and how they make their subs stand in the chaos.

You can crawl the web to find a negative feedback and please if you found one email us because we didn’t.

We’re not a Sundown advocate but you know they nailed their reputation, let me explain more:

You want a well-built subwoofer that performs exactly like you expect right?!

What you get from the sundown is something that is going to exceed your expectations.


If you like to get a well-built sub and for a very reasonable price then you should consider the E-12 V.3 D4 – Sundown Audio 12.

believe us or the bunch of customers who have bought the sub, it will exceed your expectations.
and you will get a high-quality sound experience out of it


  • RMS Power = 500-watts
  • Xmax = 14mm one-way by 70% BL
  • Vented magnetic gap
    Vented pole piece with optimized geometry
  • Black Aluminum 2.5” voice coil former for superior heat dissipation
  • High-Temperature 4-Layer copper voice coil wire
    Spring Loaded Terminals
  • Stitched-On “Mini-XL” Tinsel Leads to prevent fatigue and failure Box Recommendations: Sealed: 1.0 ft^3
  • Ported: 1.75 ft^3
  • Displacement: 0.12 ft^3
  • Depth: 6 1/2″
  • Outside Diameter: 12 1/4″
  • Cut-Out: 11 1/8″
  • Recommended Tuning: 32hz
  • Recommended Port Area: 28 in^2


2- Sundown SA-8 V1.5 D4 

SA-8 V1.5 D4 - Sundown Audio 8 2



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So we still with sundown and this one with the most successful and powerful series Sundowns ever made the SA v1.5

The sundown-8 v1.5 D4 is one of the best 8-inch subs you can see today

The combination between the features, sound, and bass.

and the subwoofer features had made it something anyone who is shopping for a high performance 8 sub to consider.


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3- Rockville RW10CA

Rockville RW10CA


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The very decent sub

Let me explain why the Rockville RW10CA 10″ sub is very decent sub

You will get a 10″inch sub that

1- Hits hard:

with the opinion and the review of many customers, who made this thing pretty clear
you will get deep bass and a sub that hits hard out of this baby.

2- well-made sub:

also, something that a lot of customers was feeling good about is the building materials.
They said that it feels very good to have a high-end sub in their car that was built very well.

3- it will fit barely anywhere in your car:

a lot of customers installed the sub on the back of their seats or under the seats and others installed it in the back of the car.

and this is the output of designing a product that they know where the customers will be willing to put and install. and it’s dimensioned “12.4 x 13.4 x 2.7 inches”

4- it’s price:

at the day I’m writing the post you can get the Rockville RW10CA for less than $120 bucks.
the prices could change but I don’t think it will be more than $150.
so, it will be always one of the best deals you will get in this category.

What you shouldn’t expect the Rockville RW10CA to do in your car?!

You shouldn’t expect the Rockville RW10CA to rock your car as a $400 sub because it will not. It’s a sub that has been made for a very specific category and it fits it very very well.


The Rockville RW10CA specifications:

  • Rockville RW10CA 800 Watt 10” Slim Car Subwoofer
  • 800 Watts Peak / 200 Watts RMS
  • PWM MOSFET Power Supply
  • Low-Level RCA Input
  • High-Level Inputs with Auto Turn-On Technology
  • Adjustable Input Sensitivity
  • Soft Delayed Remote Turn-On
  • Thermal Protection Circuit, Short Protection Circuit
  • Overload Protection Circuit
  • Phase Switch: 0° or 180°
  • Low Pass Filter: 50Hz – 150Hz
  • Bass Boost: 0 – 18dB @ 45Hz
  • Built-in Subsonic Filter @ 29Hz
  • Maximum Power RMS: 200 Watts
  • Impedance: 2 Ohm
  • Dimensions: 12.4 x 13.4 x 2.7 (L x W X H) Inches
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz – 150Hz
  • Sensitivity: 90dB @ 1w / 1m


4- MTX Terminator 

mtx terminator subwoofer



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We have made a very detailed review just about the MTX Terminator sub and how they could fit into your needs

check out the ultimate MTX Terminator subwoofer review

MTX Terminator subwoofer specifications:

  • Dual 12″ Subwoofers
  • Single 2Ω Enclosure
  • 1200W Max Power, 800W Peak Power, 400W RMS
  • Aviation Grade Carpet
  • 5/8″ MDF Construction
  • Ideal for Use with MTX THUNDER500.1 Amplifier


5- Pioneer TS-WX120A 

Pioneer TS-WX120A


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The great little sub that you might underestimate it:

A 150w sub?! I mean you are not going to rattle the windows with this sub and you’re not going to build a full system with it but boy, it will give you way more than you expect it to give.

The Pioneer TS-WX120A is one of the smallest subwoofers in its category and that’s one of its biggest features. A lot of people bought it just because of the size. and the sound they get considering the size is always something they like.

You should consider the Pioneer TS-WX120A in a lot of cases:

1- you have no space so, you’re thinking about adding a little sub in your car. but, also you want to get the best sub that fits in this area, in this case, you should consider the Pioneer TS-WX120A

2- you don’t listen to rap or pop. if you are someone who listens to classic music, some podcasts, audiobooks, you should really consider the Pioneer TS-WX120A

3- you want to support your current car sound system and get one little sub that makes it even cooler.

A lot of reasons may make you think about getting the Pioneer TS-WX120A in your car. and these are just a bunch of them so mind your car sound system and see what exactly you need to add in your car

The Pioneer TS-WX120A specifications:

  • Extremely compact, yet powerful subwoofer system
  • 150 watt Built-in MOSFET amplifier
  • Wired remote to control gain, phase, and LPF
  • Enclosure size: (WxDxH): 11″x 7-7/8″ x 2-3/4″



6- Pioneer TS-SWX3002

Pioneer TS-SWX3


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The Amazing tall space saving 12″ sub:

Remember what we have said about TS-WX120A okay, that’s another one that is very similar to it.

The same brand, the same purpose, different design, and different specifications.

The pioneer TS-SWX3002 shallow-mount subwoofer is one of the best shallow-mount subs in its category.

You will get a cool music experience, deep bass, more space in your vehicle and so much more.

Why should you consider the TS-SWX3002?

1- wanna space saving enclosure

2- thinking about a shallow-mount sub on budget

3- supporting your current car sound system

The TS-SWX3002 specifications:

  • Tight bass from a shallow compact design
  • Reinforced MICA injection-molded resin preloaded subwoofer cone structure
  • Carpeted, non-slip and scratch resistant enclosure surface
  • Enclosure size (WxDxH): 20-1/2″ x 13-7/8″ x 6-3/8″

One thing some customers complained about is that the TS-SWX3002 is pretty tall. and actually, it is but thinks about it for a second.

if you’re positioning the TS-SWX3002 in a way that it will be standing this could be a problem and yes it will be tall. It’s all about the way you’re positioning the TS-SWX3002

7- Kicker 10cvr15-2 

Kicker 10cvr15-2



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The cheap beast subwoofer

The Kicker 10cvr15-2 is one of the best on our list. if you want to hit hard and make your car sound system something special.

If you’re a pop or a rap fan you should consider these subs. while thinking about building your car sound system because you’re going to enjoy a bunch of things

1- deep hard bass:

No one bought the Kicker 10cvr15-2 and said that it hits lousy and no one is going to say something like this.

You will get a bass that is going to formulate an every different sound experience for you. and it will be something you do not want to miss.

2- well build subs:

It’s not just about the Kicker 10cvr15-2. but it’s about all the kicker subs that the built considering the quality you are going to get for what you are going to be charged for.

3- very cool design:

There is not a lot of words to be said about the design, it’s just cool design


 Why should you consider the Kicker 10cvr15-2:

For a lot of reasons, you are going to consider the Kicker 10cvr15-2 in your list. the biggest one of them is that you’re a rap or pop or any type of a bass music fan.

2- You’re building your car sound system and you just don’t need complexity. and seeking a couple of subs that will hit hard and you will enjoy

3- You want to rock your car but you’re on budget

Why you shouldn’t consider the Kicker 10cvr15-2:

It’s very obvious that if you don’t like music that has deep bass or don’t enjoy the high volume. you should consider another sub from the list


8- Boss BASS12APK

Boss Audio Systems BASS12APK



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This BASS12APK Boss Audio Enclosed 12″ Subwoofer

Is very cool for you and your usage not just if you’re seeking something that adds some bass to your car.

it will hit hard and you will enjoy it if you like rap and pop, you know.

Very good built material and they really cared about what you get for your bucks


you should not consider the BASS12APK Boss if you are seeking a sub that works great with the lower notes and the kind of calm music

What will you get with the BASS12APK Boss Audio Enclosed 12″ Subwoofer:

1- MOSFET “Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistors”:

The MOSFET handles transforming from full to non-conduction for high-efficiency output.

2- Class-A/B amplifier:

Gives the ability to reduce distortion and improving efficiency while increasing sound quality.

3- Subwoofer Level Control and Bass Boost:

With a wired remote you will get the opportunity to manage the output level and boosting the subwoofer delivery.

4- variable input control:

With this, the amplifier adjusts itself to adjust its output to what the sub asking it to give

5- “short protection”:

The Amp will shut itself down if there is any danger or it’s too hot to play anything so this guarantee the safety.

the BASS12APK Boss Audio Specifications:

  • 2″ Subwoofer
  • 800 Watt Max Power Monoblock Amplifier
  • Class A/B, MOSFET Power Supply
  • Low-Level Inputs
  • Variable Low Pass Filter, Bass Boost, Input Control
  • Thermal, Overload and Short Protection Circuits
  • Remote Subwoofer Control
  • Pre-loaded Slotted Enclosure, Amp Installation Kit





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a very decent sub:

The SOUND STORM LOPRO10 is a very decent subwoofer that gives you value more than you’re going to be charged.

It’s 10 inches amplified sub that we’re going to highlight now so check them out:

1- small size compared to the other subs in its category:

The SOUND STORM LOPRO10 dimensions are: 18 x 14.2 x 5.1 inches and L13.9″ x W11.1″ x H3″ . this means that it will fit under the car seats in most of the cars. So, if the size is the problem for you the SOUND STORM LOPRO10 is a sub you should consider.

2- deep pass, perform very well with the low profile notes:

The SOUND STORM LOPRO10 provides you with a very deep bass that is going to exceed your expectations and it will perform very well on the low notes.
if you wanna check what the customers said about this (go check +300 customer reviews on Amazon)

And a bunch of other cool features:

1- high and low-level inputs with its built-in Amplifiers

2- Short Protection

3- variable input control:

With this, the amplifier adjusts itself to adjust its output to what the sub asking it to give

4- MOSFET “Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistors”:

The MOSFET handles transforming from full to non-conduction for high-efficiency output.

5- Class-A/B amplifier:

Gives the ability to reduce distortion and improving efficiency while increasing sound quality.

6- Subwoofer Level Control and Bass Boost:

With a wired remote you will get the opportunity to manage the output level and boosting the subwoofer delivery.

The SOUND STORM LOPRO10 specifications:

  • 10″ Woofer with Built-in Amplifier
  • Class A/B, MOSFET Power Supply
  • 1200 Watts Max Power
  • High and Low-Level Inputs
  • Variable Low Pass Crossover, Bass Boost, Subsonic Filter, Phase Control
  • Thermal, Overload and Short Protection Circuits
  • Remote Subwoofer Control
  • Bad things about the SOUND STORM LOPRO10?!

There are a couple of things customers complained about after buying the SOUND STORM LOPRO10.

1- it stopped working without any reason

2- it became not loud and no bass after a specific period of time

3- no customer support

We have no clue about whether it’s a serious problem or not but what we do know that most of the customers satisfied with the SOUND STORM LOPRO10


10- KICKER 10TC104 




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There is no something very special about the KICKER 10TC104.

it’s another cool sub from kicker but the thing is all about your needs, let me explain:

The KICKER 10TC104 would be ideal for you if you want a sub to put in the back of your car, and to get a very high-quality sound experience.

but not very deep bass. so, if you’re listening to music that doesn’t need a lot of basses but you want to improve the experience you might think about the KICKER 10TC104


11- Rockville RWS12CA 

Rockville RWS12CA



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The one that works with every type subwoofer:

Going deep into the customer reviews we saw a lot of customer types who bought the Rockville RWS12CA and were satisfied.

Truck owners, small vehicle owners, Jeep owners, people who love to listen to any type of music.
Every type of this customers said that it hits hard and it works good with the type of music they would listen to but it’s not the best.

That’s the point the Rockville RWS12CA is a very handy sub and it works with every type of cars and every type of music but it is not designed exactly for a specific type.


As Always, Enjoy Your Car Sound System



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