About US

My name is Muhammad Ibrahim and I’m the creator of Loud Noisy Car . A teeny tiny website reviewing the car sound system speakers, subwoofers, amplifiers, and stereos.

I’m so passionate about car sound systems but this ain’t enough for us to give you recommendations that you could take actions from so we are reviewing the gadgets in the market based on 3 categories:

1- Our opinion:

We are not pros by any way but we are crazy about getting the perfect listening experience with whatever we allow our ears to hear so when we talk believe me we want to recommend the best thing your ears are gonna enjoy.

2- Specs and numbers:

Sometimes Specs helps to determine whether this speaker or subwoofer is worth it or not and also at other times it is essential to do the math and see if the purchase will work for you or not which is the case with the amplifiers. So you will find us mentioning the numbers just where it fits and gives you information on how this is going to make your car sound system better.

3- Customer reviews:

This is where we take our reviews to the next level. We don’t just attach some reviews from customers who purchased the item you are looking for, We analyze the reviews from all over the web and tell you how likely you are going to be happy with your potential purchase. Also if we find a repeatable complaining you will find us mentioning it in the review to be careful if you are going to buy the item.

Here’s who it looks like in action:

part of our reviews


We make money from your purchases:

The way we keep this website alive is through affiliate commissions we get when you purchase an item after clicking on our links we include in the articles. This will never affect our integrity because hey we always make money from any item you buy. Also, Visit any list or review on our site and you will find us including cheap items for people with a limited budget or who are simply don’t want to pay much.

Some people are even criticizing us because we include such cheap products but hey they are really good for people on a budget. All we want to say is that we recommend whatever we think is better for you and we tell you everything about it before buying the item.


We are super responsive:

We love to communicate with you guys. You will find the message icon on the right of your screen, send us a message and let’s chat about your next setup or E-mail and comment and tell us how good or bad we are!!