Alpine PWE-S8 2017 Review

You don’t have a lot of space in your car, right? But you are an audiophile and want to listen to high-quality sound in your car.

Alpine thought about it and they made an amazing compact subwoofer that is going to improve the sound quality and the bass quality you have in your car.

It’s the Alpine PWE-S8 and this is the review you need to read before you buy your next under seat subwoofer.

The Main features of PWE-S8 that make it an amazing choice for you are for sure the design and how small it is, the sound quality, the bass quality, and the durability.

These are the things we found worth mentioning while reviewing any under seat subwoofer.

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Alpine PWE-S8 features:


the size measures 13.5” L x 9” W x 3” D which means you can fit it almost under or behind the seat in your car and truck. We believe Alpine made a lot of effort to provide us with such compact design that has 8”inch subwoofer and class-D amp to power it.

Sound Quality:

Look, Alpine is known for the beautiful sound you get from their subs and speakers. Here with the PWE-S8, you will find nothing but a proof of this reputation. The subwoofer has a crystal clear sound that you have no option but to like it.

Bass Quality:

People were impressed with the bass you get from such a compact subwoofer. But size is not always an indicator of how good the subwoofer is.


One of the main features of the PWE is its durability. The rugged aluminum enclosure act as a shield from any hits that could come to the sub.

This is a very important aspect when you buy a compact subwoofer to take care of how durable it is because it is going to take some hits because it’s positioning in your car.

Alpine understand something like that and with the rugged metal enclosure, you’re good to go.

The Amplifier:

The PWE-S8 has a built-in amp to complete its compact design and to power their baby beast. With 120W RMS and max power of 240W. You should not worry about powering the subwoofer.


You can find RCA and Auto-sensing Speaker Level Inputs located on the side panel, LP Crossover, and Remote Sub Level. All of this helps you get the best experience possible from such compact design.

And finally, a low pass filter to and auto turn-on feature to spice things a little bit.

With all the features mentioned above, you can see if the Alpine PWE-S8 is a sub you are willing to buy and include in your car or not.   

This section of our review is about mining the customer’s reviews. The people who bought it before you. It is important to you to know what they think about it. So we read the reviews, mind and analyze them and tell you the insights.

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Check it out on Amazon


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What the people think about the Alpine PWE-S8?!

People who bought the sub especially (Jeep, Honda, Toyota, and Audi) owners said that the PWE fits perfectly under their seats and they are very proud of the sound they got from it.

We found two popular scenarios for people buying the sub here:

The first scenario is that you have a very good set of speakers but you are missing the bass but you don’t have the space to go with a big sub so, you go with this sub.

The second scenario is that you do have a complete sound system but you want to embrace the bass in any area in your car so, you go with this subwoofer.


Finally, How to install the Alpine PWE-S8?

We found a video from installing the PWE in a Jeep Wrangler, so enjoy watching it here and see if there is anything else you need to know.

Here is the video:

know you have seen everything you need to know before making a decision buying the sub. if you liked our review share it so more people see it and if you have any critical opinion or suggestion we would be more than happy to hear from you.

Alpine PWE-S8 Specs and Features:

  • 8″ woofer high-excursion cone
  • built-in Class D amplifier (120 watts RMS/240 watts peak)
  • frequency response: 32-150 Hz
  • variable low-pass crossover (80-200 Hz)
  • variable phase control (0-180 degrees)
  • preamp- and speaker-level inputs
  • dimensions: 13-1/2″W x 9″H x 3″D
  • warranty: 1 year

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As Always, Enjoy Your Car Sound System

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