Best Bass Tubes in 2017

Bass Tube NamePriceWant To Buy It?!Rating(10)
MTX Audio RT8PT$$Check the price(8)
Bazooka BTA8250D$$$Check the price(9)
Kenwood P-W130TB$$Check the price(8.5)
Rockville RTB12A$$Check the price(8.5)

you are right! you should not always install a big boomy subwoofer in your car.

sometimes you need just to add bass to your music and that’s where bass tube come in mind.

these babies changed a lot since we started buying them. a lot of brands like Bazooka made beautiful and strong tubes that people love and go along with.

in this review we picked the best 4 tube subs you can buy in 2017 and also replied to a lot of questions people ask when they go to buy their next tube

4 of the best bass tubes in 2017:

 MTX Audio RT8PT

MTX RT8PT is one of the most popular bass tubes in the market in 2017. But is it any good?

When you look at the RT8PT you will definitely like its design. But design is not enough so, let’s take a look at how good is it when it comes to the perfect tube:


you know that you may buy a bass tube sub because you have a shortage of space in your car. So the size is pretty important when it comes to tube bass.

The MTX RT8PT is an 8-inch subwoofer and its dimensions are 22.6 x 11.2 x 11 inches which are so compact. Looking to the fact that it has it’s own amp making it even smaller and cool for small cars.

Check these images to see how exactly the RT8PT fits in various cars:


RT8PT Install

2- from

mt rt8pt install 2

Is it amplified or is it going to need a separate amp?

The MTX RT8PT is a passive sub which means that it has its own amp. The amplifier that comes with it is a 120W RMS and 360W Maximum power.

RT8PT Enclosure style. Is it any good?

Bazooka BTA8250D

Actually, the carpeted vented enclosure play a very important part with the success of the MTX RT8PT. The design of the box helps it with the tight accurate bass and the carpeted exterior save the tube.

So, to wrap up, this sub is magnificent. Will be a great purchase for small car owners, and installing it is a piece of cake. Just don’t expect to compete with it and you will completely like it.

Bazooka BTA8250D is one of the tube bass in the market and one of the best tubes you could get from Bazooka.

We can’t review the best bass tubes in the market without mentioning any of Bazooka.

Simply because they made a huge difference in the market when it comes to bass tubes.

With its patented enclosure design and its unique features, the Bazooka BTA8250D makes awesome tube bass for anyone who is searching for a very compact machine to give him tight bass in tight spaces.

They have a huge variety of tubes and we are planning to make a separate review for Bazooka tubes for cars, Marines, and off-road tubes.


Bass and sound:

as we mentioned BTA8250D has a unique enclosure that maximizes the bass output, optimises air pressure, and creates a natural transfer of the bass energy. The lightweight foam edge roll concentrates the bass output from the enclosure.

Also if you positioned your tube in any corner it will take advantage of it. Thanks for the corner loading design so, The corner acts like a megaphone, substantially increasing bass performance.


The grill included with the BTA8250D is doing a great job protecting the tube bass from anything you can put next to it.

Amplifier included:

One of the cool things we like about tubes is the fact that a lot of them come with an integrated amplifier so that you don’t buy a new amp because actually, we don’t think it will worth it.

Easy installation:

Installing the Bazooka BTA8250D is a piece of cake. With the straps included to keep it safe and also removing it is something you can do easily.  

Bazooka BTA8250D cons:
  1. People complained about the straps and wished that they could be more high-quality.
  2. You will need additional wiring to complete the installation.

So, now you see what is good and what is bad about the Bazooka BTA8250D we believe you can pick it as your next tube.

With the cons mentioned it is still magnificent tube that probably you won’t regret buying it.


  • Power Output: 250 watts
  • Sensitivity: 102dB
  • Frequency Response: 35Hz-250Hz
  • Fuse: 15 amp Inline
  • Crossover: LP
  • Max Power Output: 300 watts
  • Power @ 4 OHM: 200 watts
  • Power @ 2 OHM: 275 watts
  • RCA Input: Yes
  • Hi-Level Input: Yes
  • Height: 10″
  • Width: 8.5″
  • Length: 18.5″
  • Battery Voltage Range: 10.5-14.4 vdc
  • Remote Control: RBCM-250D optional
  • Crossover Range: 80-250 Hz
  • Subsonic Filter: no
  • Voice Coil Size: 1.5″ High power / High temp
  • Magnet Weight: 28 oz.

Kenwood P-W130TB

Kenwood has an amazing history making mobile audio products that people truly love. We don’t know about you but we never thought of Kenwood subs as bass-focused

We always thought of them as a good company making good products for all kind of people but not bass enthusiasts. I mean when you compare them to Sundown or Orion you will completely see what I mean.

With the Kenwood P-W130TB, we get another amazing product from Kenwood. It’s a pack consists of a 12-inch  sub and a 2-channel amp to power it.

The first thing you will notice is the fact that it is bigger than most of the other tubes we are reviewing here so if you are going to buy it you gonna see if you have got the space to go with it.

So let’s focus more on the Kenwood P-W130TB:

P-W130TB features:

Sound and bass:

With a 12”inch subwoofer that has 1200W max power and 200W RMS you could expect something that is so good, that will noticeably improve the sound you have in your car sound system But don’t expect it to rattle your car because it will not.

Also to be honest some people mentioned that they are getting empty bass from the Kenwood P-W130TB. We didn’t completely figure out what they meant but what we do understand is that the shape of the enclosure make the bass less tight but not by any means a lousy bass.

Design and durability:

With a polypropylene woofer cone, rubber surrounding it and pre enclosing it in a black carpeted tube just like the rest of high-quality subwoofers give it good durability and design. But we don’t like it 🙂 if you compared it to Bazooka or MTX tubes you will find that they are more durable and have great design.


One aspect we liked a lot is the fact that it is not expensive, it has a great pricing point when compared to the other tubes.

Subwoofer specs:
  • Sensitivity: 88 dB / W / m
  • Frequency Response: 40 Hz – 800 Hz
  • Gross Weight: 26.7lbs
  • Weight of Magnet (Woofer): 2.7lbs
  • Signal to Noise Ratio: 95 dB
  • Low Pass Filter: 80 Hz (-18 dB / oct.)
  • Size(inch): (W)8-7/8″ x (H)2-3/16″ x (D)7-1/16″
  • Weight(lbs): 2.8

Rockville RTB12A

We were impressed when we took a look at the bass tubes provided by Rockville. The best one we found is the Rockville RTB12A.

With less than the price you pay in the Kenwood one we are telling you that you will get a better tube.

The beauty of Rockville RTB12A is in its integration and bass quality and the fact that this is a cheap but good subwoofer. You will get all that you need to hook up this baby. With a built-in amp and all the wiring kit and accessories like bass control, you are totally good to go.

Rockville RTB12A features:

Bass remote

Sound quality is richer and tighter than the Kenwood tube and we are comparing them because they are both 12”inch and both of them are quite the same size.


Cons: we found nothing so far but if it is just louder it would be the kind of on budget sub.



  • 600 Watts Peak/300 Watts RMS
  • 12“ High power woofer in vented tubular enclosure
  • Integrated, built-in 300 Watts RMS Rated amplifier
  • Rear aero vent bass system
  • Speaker level and RCA line-level input
  • Frequency response: 30Hz-200Hz
  • Sensitivity: 111 dB
  • Adjustable bass crossover
  • Dashboard adjustable bass remote control
  • Molded steel woofer grill
  • Four steel mounting brackets + two canvas straps with Velcro fasteners
  • Tube is covered in durable aviation grade tweed with embroidered logo
  • Dimensions: 12.75” x 22.83“

now you have seen the best tubes in the market, take a moment to read frequently asked questions about the sub tubes people ask always before buying. they are going to be helpful if you are planning to buy one:

what are bass tubes?

they are in the shape of a tub that has the woofer on one side and the rest of the tube is participating in optimizing the sound output from the tube.

Most of the tubes come with a built-in amplifier to solve the problem of space and powering the tube.

are bass tubes any good? Or bass tube vs. subwoofers what is the best?

If you understand why you might consider buying a tube you will get the most value out of it.

If you are customizing a new sound system and need just more bass to support your speakers going with bass tubes is a very wise option to pick. But if you are seeking rattling bass or building system especially for bass please go with a subwoofer


How to install a bass tube?

When it comes to installation we recommend watching tutorials to understand more with visuals how to do stuff the right way. Here are 2 tutorials to help you with tube installation