2017’s Top Rated Bluetooth Car Kits

In 2017 you can’t leave your car without a Bluetooth car kit and this because of a lot of reasons.

 maybe you want free hands calls and maybe you want to connect your iPhone 7 or iPhone 7+ and you can’t use your AUX adapter because Apple doesn’t like it. 

or maybe you hate wires and cables so you want to connect your phone to your car using Bluetooth or NFC.


So, whether you make a lot of business trips, you work with Uber or you use your car a lot because any reason you should find what you need in this blog post


The Best 8 Bluetooth car kits:


1- TSTAR Bluetooth Receiver Adapter

tstar best bluetooh car kit



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The features you will get with Tstar Adapter are:

1- the unique design that takes how you connect your phones to your car sound system to a new level.

Let’s think about it for a second, you are putting a device in a very small area in your car and it’s a very important area in the car that you want it to be always clean. and the Tstar Bluetooth car kit shows how much they thought about it while designing the product so you can get the most out of it without making a chaos in your car

Tstar shows how much they thought about it while designing the product so you can get the most out of it without making a chaos in your car.


2- They did a good job working on (Bluetooth connection) from pairing to giving high-quality output than making in a multi-usage device the thing that makes it very small but really serves the purpose of connecting your modern phone device to your car sound system


3- Awesome battery: a customer review said that he has used it 6 days in a row going and coming back from his job and he didn’t recharge it so it’s pretty small but the battery is doing good

4- the sound quality is really good: we’ve found nobody complaining that he got a bad sound experience out of it.

what’s wrong with The Tstar Bluetooth receiver adapter?!

Pairing issues: a couple of customers complained about pairing issues with the Tstar.





2- SoundBot sb360 review:

soundbot best bluetooth car kits 2

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What’s cool about the SoundBot sb360:

1-  3 ports ranging from 2.4 amps to 1.0 amps for different devices


2- Really clear sharp voice which is something you really fear not to get with a Bluetooth toolkit in your car but Man there is some customer now saying that the SoundBot sb360gives better sound than what you get from connecting your mobile phone directly through auxiliary


3- Very fast pairing: once your car is on it takes less than 7 seconds to connect to your phone and start streaming your music.


4- The one that has or has not wires: the SoundBot sb360 has wires yes but it will barely annoy you because first you can hide with just some tricks and second even if you’re not going to hide it you will be having a couple of cables in your way that are attached to the head of the toolkit, the thing that makes it easy to don’t feel that the wires are affecting you.


What’s bad about the SoundBot sb360??

Some customers complained about the quality of the sound output so we thought we should highlight this but also most of the customers said that the output was very cool.

if you want to check a video review for the SoundBot sb 360 check this one out:





3- VicTsing Bluetooth FM Transmitter:

vicsting best bluetooth car kits


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What’s cool about it??

okay this one is different, what you get with the VicTsing Bluetooth FM Transmitter is the ability to connect it through your cigarette lighter and it streams the Audio from your phone devices into through FM signals.

the positive thing about this is that most of the old cars don’t have an auxiliary port, so for old cars, this adapter will give them all the features of a very high-end Bluetooth car kit and without the need to have an auxiliary port.


2- you will get the good stuff you get with a usual like volume controller, receiving calls button, Micro SD card port, and it also contains cool new features like something they call the voltmetitsnd, it’s job is to display the car battery voltage


3- cool design




4- TaoTronics Bluetooth:

tao tronics best bluetooth car kits



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remember the Mpow Bluetooth receiver?? okay this is another toolkit that is exactly like it

What’s cool about it??

1- the good thing about the TaoTronics Receiver is that it connects with the majority of the speakers and it connects easily with modern iPhone devices like the I phone 7


2- one cool thing about it is that it goes with you whatever you’re using. from you headsets and your home to your car, it’s just in your pocket and it works with all of this stuff. neat right?


3- it has 3 buttons and it gives you the basic audio management without touching your phone, Active Siri, answer calls change and stop songs everything just from your little tiny device.


4- great battery life: it lasts at least one week with the people who have used it and they used it in average 45 minutes per day so it’s very good.

What’s bad about it ??

some customers complained about the connection and the sound they get out of it but they’re less than 10% of the overall satisfied customers.





5- Mpow Streambot:

Mpow best bluetooth car kits2



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What’s cool about it??

It solves problems you face with your car connecting your modern devices like the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7+


So, basically, it is a simple one-click adapter that makes connected your phone to your car sound system something so easy.


Things that shine about the Mpow Streambot Bluetooth Receiver is that they make you able to get rid of any cables about connecting your phone device to your car sound system


Sound quality is not perfect but it is very good


Hand free calls


Works very good with iPhone 7 and iPhone 7+


The battery life is pretty long so you will not care a lot about when is the next time you’re going to charge the Mpow Streambot Bluetooth Receiver

The bad things??

  • Delay in pairing with the phone: a lot of people complained that the (product ) delays while connecting to the mobile device but it ain’t take a lot of time in delaying and most of the customers said that it’s between 10 to 15 seconds
  • The sound quality isn’t that good and it’s not as good as  using auxiliary cable but also most of the customers said that it’s not that the difference is not big and once they raise the volume they get good deep bass music
  • The phone call sound quality:

Why buy the Mpow Streambot?

1- it’s cheap for what they offer because they really offer real value in the Mpow Streambot but they only charge less than $20 so it’s pretty cool to own it


2- forget the auxiliary cable and its problems: the thing with the auxiliary cable is that it get out of business really fast. All you have to do is to position it in a wrong way that makes the wires feel bad and it will go out instantly so this is a very positive point with all the Bluetooth toolkits


3- it has a really good battery: some customers said that it lasts more than 2 weeks with them without charging  it again, the thing you should consider is that it’s about how heavy you’re using it


6- Etekcity Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Receiver:

unify best bluetooth car kits


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What’s cool about it??

1- Etekcity Receiver is a revolutionary one that is very different from the other Bluetooth car kits we’re reviewing here in our review.

from the design to the feature they’re including in the (product) you will find a bunch of different things that will make it different from the others.

2- Pretty strong battery:

it has 200mAh battery and the company claims that it could streams up to 10 hours of continuous quality music playback for car systems.


4- Very clear sound:

The device is not giving you hands-free calls but it gives you high-quality sound output regarding  most of  the customers


5- Basic control dashboard: like most of the other Bluetooth kits, it gives you the ability to pause and continue audios but there are no volume control buttons.



What’s bad about it??

1- no hands-free calls:

lately, people started to consider the hands-free calls feature that comes with the Bluetooth car kits as something usual and it’s not a plus feature, no they are thinking it’s essential so, they should consider it.


2- the lights are kind of annoying:

Some clients complained from the lights that come out of the device and it depends on actually where you put the device and if the lights something you don’t like you will choose another Bluetooth toolkit.


3- this one a lot have complained about from the Etekcity and by a lot I mean 50% of the bad reviews that are 5% of the overall satisfied reviews so just consider it, the pairing, some complained that it doesn’t pair.

  others complained about pairing with their home sound system, not a lot of people complained about the pairing in their car but we thought we should highlight it.


check this youtube review for more details:


7- Kinvio BTC 450:

kinvio Kinvio BTC 450



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with Kinvio we can collect the positives of every other Bluetooth car adapter and put it as advantages to Kinvio BTC 450

let’s see why:

1- Hands-Free car kit designed for answering and receiving calls with any Bluetooth smartphone – iPhone and Android

2- Built-in noise-canceling microphone and easy to use music controls

3-  Awesome music output: a lot of customers were amazed by the quality of the sound the get out of the Kinvio BTC 450 and they feel that it’s even louder and clearer from the AUX cable

4- very easy pairing

5- realistic pricing

What’s bad about the Kinvio BTC 450??

the most repeating complaining about the Kinvio BTC 450 is that it ain’t give a very clear sound and if it is the problem you can check the Mpow isolator

the Kinvio BTC 450 is the one that has the best reputation among the Bluetooth toolkits, so you might consider it if you love the brands that have spent  a lot of time in the market



8- Besign BK01:

besign best bluetooth car kits

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What’s cool about the Besign BK01 Bluetooth adapter??

it gives you clear call sound, very clear music sound, basic controlling dashboard, works with google assistant without pressing any buttons and it connects two phones at the same time like most of the customers said, and it gives very easy and speed pairing.

What’s bad about it??

there are a few customers complained that the cables are tall and Siri stops working eventually with it but these customers don’t exceed 6% of the overall satisfied customers


Why buy the Besign BK01 Bluetooth adapter??

Let’s see, if you seek hands-free calling, easy connection to stream audio from your phone with Bluetooth and the cables aren’t a problem for you  should consider the Besign BK01 to include in your car sound system




As Always, Enjoy Your Car Sound System


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