How To Choose The Best New Car Speaker?!

You agree with me when I say that a car speaker is the essence of your car sound system.

If you bought good speakers you will enjoy your sound system but when you buy a bad speaker you can’t enjoy your system whatever you brought to it.

We reviewed so many brands and speakers but we felt that we should guide you with most important things you need to consider when you buy a new car speaker.


You are going to consider a lot of aspects before you buy a speaker to assure that you bought the best bang for your bucks and your car sound system. These aspects are:


  • Component vs. Coaxial
  • Speaker Material
  • Tweeters
  • Size
  • Compatibility with your car.

So, let’s start

Should I buy component speakers or coaxial speakers?


(coaxial speakers) or (full-range speakers) are speakers that have all of the components in one package.

So you will find components like a woofer, tweeter, and super tweeter all set up in one basket.


The deal with coaxial speakers is that they are so easy to install. You remove the old factory system and replace them with your new coaxial speakers and you are done.


Component Speakers:


Component speakers are an awesome choice for you if you care about the ultimate listening experience.

You get the components separated. The woofer, the tweeter, and the crossover to get a live version of your lovely music.


Component speakers come with great build quality, better listening experience, and overall better value so we definitely recommend you go with component speakers.


Speaker Durability (build quality):


When you buy a speaker and you go through the hassle of buying, installing, and adjusting the speaker you hope it is going to last for a respectful period of time so you can enjoy your speakers for the longest time possible and that’s why you should always care about Durability and how strong the speaker you buy.


Every part in the speaker needs specific materials to be durable. The woofer is different than the tweeter and the tweeter is different than the surround materials.


Woofer Materials:

The woofer should be made of materials that are lightweight and stiff most Manufacturers make most car speaker woofer cones out of synthetic films like polypropylene.


Surround Materials:

Rubber is an amazing material to use with surround. It could easily handle the heat and it gives the Cone the opportunity to move in a free way.


Tweeter materials:


tweeters made of soft materials, like poly, textile blends, or silk will give you sound that’s refined and somewhat mellow which is good but if you like the highs bright and snappy, go with hard materials, like metal, ceramics, or graphite.




Tweeters are big deal when it comes to speakers so whether you are going to buy a component speaker or coaxial speaker make sure that tweeter is so good and no one is complaining about it.




Okay, size is a very big deal when it comes to speaker or subwoofers because you easily need to know where it will fit and if the dimensions are right.


Since we started reviewing car sound system gears we found so many people complaining about speakers and subwoofers that are too big or too small or that can’t fit in their car for some reason.


That’s why so many sites added the “make sure it fits feature”  because a lot of people are falling in this trap and then return their speakers. So, always stay away from this hassle and make sure the speaker fits in your car perfectly before you purchase it.


Compatibility with your car:

There are two main things that you need to check if your new speaker is going to fit smoothly with them or not.

1- Sensitivity:

Sensitivity refers to how much power the speakers require in order to put out a given volume level so you need to know how much power your head unit or external amp puts out.

2- Power handling:

Knowing the speaker’s RMS power is crucial because you need to know who much power you need to power it. so always make sure that it is compatible with the amplifier using RMS power.

Also, you need to understand that speakers that have a low level of sensitivity work great with high powered external amps and speakers with a high level of sensitivity work great with low powered external amps.


Final words are that it is always about your taste and what are your needs so sure after reading our guide you should pick the best speaker for you and your needs using our guide as an assistant.


As Always, Enjoy Your Car Sound System.