Focal Speakers | Everything you need to know

Since the early 1980s, Focal-JMlab has been one of the most innovative companies on the high-fidelity audio system market.


We like to think about Focal as it is the Apple version on the audio system market. And this is because they are truly premium and in a lot of ways they really changed the way people listen to music with a lot of revolutionizing speakers in every category.


Another thing is that Focal’s strategy is to be in charge of every single step in the creation of their products.

They like to handle design, manufacture, and any other thing to make it tightly integrated and you could feel the integration of their ecosystem if you are using any of their high-quality speakers.


Seems familiar?! Sure Apple does the same in their way by integrating the software and the hardware together. That’s why we really like to think about Focal as an Apple version on the audio system space.  


They manufacture loudspeakers for cars, homes, studios, and also they are manufacturing some of the most premium headphones on the market right now.


Focal Audio Review:


What was their first speaker?


A speaker called the DB13 was a bookshelf loudspeaker and it was their first speaker that performed pretty well at the time.


What is their most popular speaker?


The Grande Utopia is Focal’s most popular speaker. It is a beautiful piece of art and technology combined. It is brutally expensive and If I ever could afford it I will never buy it but I’m just glad that something like the Grande Utopia exists.


Just check these images to see how beautiful it is:

grande utopia


grande utopia 3

Since day 1 and Focal are focusing on innovation and developing new technologies to enhance the current listening experience and looking at Wikipedia I found that they have 10 popular patents on the audio system market. I’m going to mention most them:


1- The inverted dome tweeter

The main advantage of this technology is its low directionality and its high dynamics. The majority of their tweeters still feature this technology.


2- The « K2 » cone

The Poly-K cone is composed of two layers of aramid fibres applied to either side of a hollow-micro-ball structure in order to improve the compromise between weight-rigidity-and damping.


3- The Polyglass cone

The polyglass technology was introduced by Focal in 1988. This consists in depositing fine glass micro-balls on the surface of a cellulose pulp cone (paper). This combination of glass and paper results in a very rigid material with a low mass, providing excellent damping qualities.


4- The “W” sandwich cone

Unlike the mono-material cones, the “W” sandwich cone optimises the frequency response curve by maximising the mass, rigidity and damping.

5- The Beryllium Tweeter

Beryllium is seven times more rigid than titanium or aluminium but has the same mass. It enabled Focal to develop a lighter and faster tweeter which provides excellent damping qualities.


6- Tweeter Al-Mg

The use of aluminium increases damping qualities, whereas the use of magnesium increases the rigidity of the dome. This enabled the frequency response of the Al-Mg Tweeter to be increased to 28 kHz.


7- The Flax membrane cone

Focal launched the new Made in France “F” Sandwich cone (for Flax).

Composed of flax fibres enclosed in two thin layers of glass fibre, this solution offers a natural sound without colouration thanks to the light, rigid and damped cones.


8- Tuned Mass Damper

the Tuned Mass Damper technology consists of an additional mass that oscillates in opposition to the resonance frequency.


9- Infinite Horn Loading system

The rear of the Beryllium tweeter is loaded via a small cavity which is connected to the exterior of the enclosure by a horn. The inside is filled with a damping material. Rear wave of the tweeter is gradually absorbed to reduce distortion.


Here is a video from Focal’s channel on youtube:

Speakers from Focal that everybody loves:


We are going to mention car speakers, home speakers, and headphones not just car sound system related speakers because they have an amazing range of awesome speakers in each category.


1- The Grande Utopia


For sure this is their most remarkable piece of art and some could debate that this is the best hi-fi speaker in the world.


2- Focal K2 Power 165 KRX2

Focal K2 Power 165 KRX2

Want to buy it?!


One of the best component speakers we’ve ever seen is this speaker from this magnificent company. See, if we are going to give a simple slogan for focal it would be “if you can afford, sure buy it.” . they are awesome speakers and a worthy investment if you are an audiophile.


3- Focal Utopia headphones:


Want to buy it?!

A $4.000 headphone. People are saying that it makes you feel like you went to a live concert or something. It is a fascinating concept to be able to have such high-quality headphone but it comes with a cost $.


Sound guys reviewed this headphone and he is the headphones guy so  check his review here:


There you have it, now you know everything about Focal audio. Let us know in the comments what do you think of their speakers and if you owned any of them before, tell us your experience.


As Always, Enjoy Your Car Sound System.