Focal Car speakers in 2017

Focal  is a French company that represents a very high-end quality devices. they are competing in the car sound system market, in the home sound system mark, and in the headset and headphones speakers, and guess what they’re performing pretty good in everyone in these categories.


The one thing that we like the most in the very lot good things in it is its designs. They are capable of producing very beautiful speakers but beauty ain’t everything.


The Focal performance is something a lot of people talked about before and we can’t add more.


The Focal Audio speakers are one of the best speakers in the market barely in everything and in every model.

The best 4, 5, and 6-inch Focal speakers:

4-inch Focal  speakers:

Focal Access 100CA1 The Focal Access 100CA1 1


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The Focal Access 100CA1 is an amazing 4-inch speaker.

if you’re like us and like to discover the forums and all the details on the web about the car speakers. you will find this speaker in a lot of BMW forums, Cadillac forums, and other expensive cars forums with a lot of people saying that it fits very good and that their friends didn’t believe that these are 4-inch speakers and stuff like that.


Something about Focal is that generally they charge more than the other car speakers brands but, most of the customers said that it deserves the extra money.


Nothing is different with The Focal Access 100CA1, you will be charged more than the other brands will charge you but you will get what the other brands won’t give you. Easy and Simple

specifications and features:

1- You will get a pair of 4-inch Focal access speakers that 160 watts peak.

2- The Focal Access 100CA1 handles 8 watts RMS

3- The Focal Access 100CA1 has Adjustable tweeter

4- It has Butyl rubber surround

5- The Focal Access 100CA1 has Woven fiberglass cone woofer


What the customers who bought The 100CA1 don’t like about it?!

Oh please, if you find anything or any bad review about this speaker come here and comment with it so, would add it and the people could see it. We didn’t find any bad review or a customer complaining about The Focal Access 100CA1 and we guess you also will not find a bad review either.


Focal Polyglass 100 CVX:

Focal Polyglass 100 CVX 2



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Focal Polyglass 100 CVX  is a 4-inch coaxial speaker and we guess now that you understand the difference between the coaxial speaker and the component speaker.

this speaker is quite a deal if you’re a deal hunter. You can get the Focal Polyglass 100 CAmazon amazon under $200 so, you will get a Focal speaker and under $200, That’s what’s I’m talking about.

The Polyglass 100 CVX do exactly what a premium cool coaxial speaker do, it surprises you!. You connect it and get amazed, That’s it.

That’s because the 100 CVX  is quite small and again it’s cheaper than the previous one but that’s the reason we call it coaxial speaker.


specifications and features:

this baby has a poly glass cone, the thing that according to Crutchfield is responsible for increasing the cone’s rigidity without a lot of weight.                                           

One inch voice coil for high power handling    

A voice coil

An ABS basket

A rotating tweeter

Like we said before the 100 CVX is a deal for the deal hunters and you can get it now on amazon for less than $200.

What the customers who bought the 100 CVX are complaining about?!

Ya, for the Focal Polyglass 100 CVX we found complaining and it was about the output and the rotating tweeter.                     


 5-inch Focal speakers:

Focal PC 130:

Focal PC 130 1



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Worth every penny. tried everything and these are like my reward.  it is very very loud speakers. are the comments we noted repeating in the customer reviews we found in forums, Amazon, and Crutchfield about the Focal PC 130 5 inch speaker.

If we’re going to describe the Focal PC 130 in a sentence it would be The very expensive, very loud, very impressive 5-inch speaker.

specifications and  features:

Polyglass woofer with butyl rubber surround. sure.   

Inverted Dome Tweeter

Voice Coil                                       



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Focal Integration IC-570:

Focal Integration IC-570 2



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If you’re looking for a 5×7 inch speaker, you should consider the  Focal Integration IC-570.  

It’s a Focal Speaker, coaxial, under $200, and it gets the job done in a perfect way. 


The biggest advantage about this speaker that almost every customer highlighted is that it performs very good with the highs and it gives a beautiful crisp sound.


we found some drops and negative reviews that we should tell you before considering the  Focal Integration IC-570 as your new speakers.


1- lack pass: as strange as it is, a couple of customers said that this speaker lack pass but also a lot of other customers said the “usual” = it rocks.


2- need a lot of power to give good output.


3- no adjustment for the tweeters.


Focal Performance PS-130:

The Focal Performance PS-130 2



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The Focal Performance PS-130  Takes your car sound system to a whole new level.

It makes you listen to things you didn’t get with any other speaker.

 The PS-130  produces a very crisp clear sound that hits hard and works very good with the highs and the lows.

This speaker is one of these speakers that we didn’t find any bad review about it so, as usual, if you found anything, contact us and we will be listing it right away.

specifications and features:

  • Polyglass cone
  • Partial horn loading tweeter
  • High sensitivity
  • Dynamics and neutrality
  • Three tweeter cut-off frequencies
  • Three tweeter integration possibilities

6-inch Focal speakers:

Focal PC710:

Focal PC710 1


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The  Focal PC710 is one speaker in the PC series that some customers said they aren’t in a need for a sub because it hits very hard and makes them satisfied in a way that makes them forget how pricey Focal is.

In fact, that’s the thing, if you’re buying something and then got more value than the bucks you paid for it, you have a win and made a successful purchase and that’s the deal with this speaker

specifications and features:

  • High power
  • Bi-amp terminal
  • High emissive surface
  • Adjustable treble (flat or high)

Bad things about the PC710:

Nothing, go check amazon or Crutchfield or any other trusted resource you like and see what the people are saying about the Focal PC710, you will find comments like it’s too big. Hey, I guess you know you’re buying a 6-inch speaker right?!. And comments like too expensive, again you know you’re buying a Focal Speaker that is quite pricey.


Focal 690CA1:

Focal 690CA1 2



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The best 6×9 inch car speaker is the nickname for the Focal 690CA1.

It’s the thing we found in almost every review and every comment about the Focal 690CA1.

It hits hard, the tweeters are focusing on giving very high-end sound quality and the Focal 690CA1 performs very well with the lows highs and the mid-range.

You will enjoy it and it is now on Amazon for less than $200 so, you better go check it now.


specifications and features:

humidity-resistant, woven glass-fiber woofer

butyl rubber surround

aluminum inverted dome tweeter

non-resonant ABS/fiberglass basket


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 You see now?! Focal car speakers are one of the best choices for your money. quite expensive, quite loud, and quite perfect. that’s everything to say about the Focal car speakers.

in the next period of time, we’re going to review the best 6.5 focal car speakers.

if you have any brand that you would like to recommend it to us to review and include in our reviews comment it or contact us. 

if you have any comments or any questions don’t hesitate to ask.

Enjoy your car sound system


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