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          Hertz Audio is a very successful company in the car sound system industry and they have made very interesting loudspeakers along the way since they’ve started their business.

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          Hertz loudspeakers have won popularity and very specific likeability with everyone who used them. Simply because they give you high-quality loudspeakers and they focus on making you never regret paying them premium price and actually they’re pretty good at it


          Quoting Hertz describing its philosophy:

          Hertz philosophy is a unique combination of premium sound, living tradition, ingenious innovation and high quality, combined with a complete line of products for our customer’s maximum satisfaction.

          Now you see how they developed such an amazing range of loudspeakers and one of their most remarkable and successful component speakers is the Hertz HSK 165 loudspeaker.

          We seek PERFECTION in this review and we worked hard to collect all the information you will need to make a decision to buy the hertz HSK 165.

          so, follow our ultimate review and see if at the end you’re going to check the HSK 165 out or not?!

          hertz 165 6.5 component speaker 2017



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          Hertz HSK 165 – everything you need to know: 

          Why is it so good and so popular?

          The HSK 165 from Hertz is one of their Hi-energy system speakers where they really made something awesome and the customers liked it a lot.

          if you’re a car sound system fan who like to focus on the details and the sound output measuring how clear and loud it is and what are the specific voices you get with this speaker that you don’t get with other ones you should really consider the Hertz HSK 165, You Will Never Regret IT.

          We don’t consider our reviews complete without grabbing real customer reviews into analysis so, let’s grab and analyse:


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          customers reviews:

          Let’s start with the negative review on Amazon (2/5) stars:

          The guy here just is just complaining about the ruined speaker and we are not saying this could not happen. but what we want to demonstrate is that it is not popular from Hertz to get speakers that get ruined the next month so, we are just saying that this is something rarely happens and God knows how it happened.

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          Amazon.com Emmanuel Negedu s negative review of Hertz HSK 165 6.5 2 way Hi Energy Compone...

          The most recent cool review we found was on April 24, 2017, and nothing new with this review it is just a proof that the hertz HSK 165 still rocks at 2017 and the customers are still satisfied with it (5/5) stars:

          Amazon.com Michael Wronkowski s review of Hertz HSK 165 6.5 2 way Hi Energy Compone...

          Finally, our favourite review was at 2016 and it describes how exactly the customer is satisfied with the HSK 165. While you’re reading the review you will find that the customer tested the HSK 165 with every type of music and he found it so fascinating (5/5) stars:

          Amazon.com James R. s review of Hertz HSK 165 6.5 2 way Hi Energy Compone...

          Sure the review won’t be awesome without seeing the HSK in action so we picked these 2 videos for you to see the hertz HSK 165:

          video reviews: 

          this is a very cool video you want to watch to see how awesome the HSK 165 really is:

          Another cool one if you’re not completely satisfied with the first one:

          specifications and features:

          Power Handling – Peak W250
          Power Handling – Continuous W125
          Frequency response Hz50 ÷ 22k
          Sensitivity dB SPL92
          Woofer size mm (in.)HV 165: 165 (6”1/2)
          Tweeter size mm (in.)HT 25: 25 (1”)
          Crossover typeLO/HI-pass
          Crossover cut off3.2 kHz @ 12/12 dB OCT.

          so, now we guess you know all everything you need to know before buying the Hertz HSK 165 speaker if you need to know more we would be pleased to help you. just ask us in the comments or contact us through the email to help you. 

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          As Always, Enjoy Your Car Sound System

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