Hertz 6-inch car speakers 2017 review

Hertz 6-inch car speakerpower rangeSensitivityFrequency responsepriceWant to buy it?!
HERTZ HCX 165100 – 200 Watts92 dB50Hz-22kHz$$$Check the price
Hertz HSK 165250W Peak | 125W RMS92 dB50Hz-22kHz$$$Check the price
Hertz DSK 165.3160W Peak93 dB50Hz-23kHz$$Check the price
Hertz ECX 165.5210W Peak94 dB60Hz-23KHz$$Check the price
Hertz HCX 690260W Peak94 dB32Hz-23KHz$$$Check the price

Hey yo, we’re back with a new car speaker brand review and this time our special guest is The Hertz brand


Hertz is a very interesting car audio company that produce a very high-quality car sound system products. they are pretty pricey, but Man you get what makes you satisfied with the pricey thing.

they produce loudspeakers since a lot of time and they are competing with the high-quality car audio premium products so, they’re premium, pricey, cool, and they have very loud speakers out there.


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The Best 5 Hertz 6-inch speakers:





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The HERTZ HCX 165 is an amazing but expensive choice if you’re seeking to add a coaxial speaker in your car.

If you’re like me you will go to the forums, Amazon reviews, by, etc… to see what the people are saying about it so, let us tell you what we found.

The HCX 165 is one of the best coaxial speakers in the market and HERTZ makes the best PRICEY coaxial speakers in the market.

The HERTZ HCX 165 works pretty great for motorcycles and Harley rides.


It also works very well on any car if they want to include a coaxial car speaker in their car.

So, it is sure a coaxial speaker you need to consider while picking up your new coaxial car speaker but it all depends on what price you’re willing to pay and most of the customers said that their investments in it considered as a pretty successful investment.

specifications and features:

  • Mounting depth: 146 mm
  • Tweeter: 20 mm Neodymium Tetolon dome tweeter
  • Power handling: 100 – 200 Watts
  • Frequency response: 50Hz-22kHz
  • Sensitivity: 92 dB
  • Impedance: 4 Ohm
  • Magnet Size: 85 mm
  • Pure Copper Voice Coil Wound on a KSV former
  • Damped Mesh Fibre Cone
  • Anti-Vibration rubber magnet cover
  • Loss-less Polymer Rubber Surround
  • Rotary High-Frequency Contour, Xmax: 3 mm, Fs: 70 Hz     


Hertz HSK 165:

Hertz HSK 165



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The Hertz HSK 165 is one of the best component speakers in its price range.

We know that Hertz  could be a little expensive but the thing that will surprise you is that no one is complaining about the price and let me explain why to you:

most of the people who bought the Hertz HSK 165 were upgrading their speakers which mean for example they were using a $200 component speaker and then they went to upgrade it with the Hertz HSK 165. Simply, they were impressed.


The HSK 165 has a very noticeable clear, crisp sound that makes it on the top in its price range so, if you’re thinking about upgrading your speakers and want to buy something that is clearer and searching for a new and Different sound experience in your car we believe you should consider this speaker

specifications and features:

  • HSK-165 – Hertz 6.5″ 250W Peak 2-Way Component Speaker System
  • Power Handling: 250W Peak | 125W RMS
  • 25mm (1″) HT 25 Neodymium REN Tweeter
  • 165mm (6.5″) HV 165 Woofer DIN
  • Crossover: LO/Hi-pass 3.2kHz at 12/12 dB Oct



Hertz DSK 165.3:

Hertz Audio DSK 165.3



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It’s a very successful component speaker that compete with less successful speakers in the $150 price range. It’s amazing that you will get a Hertz speaker that is under $150 and it’s not a cheap crappy product no, it’s actually a very successful and loud one.

So, why you should consider the Hertz DSK 165.3 to buy?!

First, it’s a Hertz speaker under $150 and it’s sound pretty good.

You know what shopping experts and Geeks say? That you should go to very pricey companies and get less expensive from there because they will give you more value than a less cheap company.

I guess that’s the case with this speaker.

specifications and features:

  • 6-1/2-Inch 2-Way Dieci Series Component Speaker System
  • Power Handling: Peak- 160W each side / 320W per set / RMS: 80W each side / 160W per set
  • Impedance: 4 ohms
  • Frequency Response: 50Hz – 23kHz
  • Priced Per Complete Component System: 2 mid-woofers, 2 tweeters, and 2 crossover networks



Hertz Audio ECX 165.5:

Hertz Audio ECX 165.5



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The Hertz ECX 165.5 performs very well on the highs and it gives very clear and crisp sound.

You just need to shoot them with an amp to get their perfect sound out of em.
It’s the case in almost every Hertz speaker, Pricey, but you won’t regret it.


specifications and features:

1. Water-repellent treated paper cone, butyl rubber surround.

 2. Pure copper voice coil wound on aluminum former, for very good thermal and mechanical capacity.

3. Large motor assembly for excellent mobile voice coil control.

 4. Low carbon content plates for maximum magnetic permeability and high heat dissipation.

 5. Rubber magnet cover provides damping to the basket and motor structure and protects from abrasions and damages.

 6. DIN size basket coated with scratch-proof, corrosive-resistant material. 7. Tin-plated, high current terminals.

8. Silver-plated lead wires, for maximum reliability and conductivity. 9. Epoxy glue for basket and motor system provides perfect coupling.

10. Curve memory Nomex spider for consistent, reliable performance. 11. High energy neodymium magnet tweeter.

12. RHFC, Rotary High-Frequency Contour; adjustable for perfect off-axis dispersion and frequency response, according to the listening position.



Hertz HCX 690:

 Hertz Audio HCX 690



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The HCX 690 is one of the best 6X9-inch car speakers, Hands down.

The customers who bought it were very satisfied with what they got from the HCX 690.

They listened to instruments and sounds they ain’t got before from their old speakers and for most of us, this is something very enticing.

It gives you clear, crisp, loud, and natural sound.


specifications and features:

  • Soft iron plates for high heat dissipation
  • Over-sized magnet
  • Pure copper voice coil wound on a KSV former
  • Vented bottom plate
  • Damped Mesh Fibre Cone
  • Anti-vibration rubber magnet cover
  • Aerodynamic die-cast aluminum basket
  • Radial Venting System
  • Loss-less Polymer Rubber Surround


Now that have reached the end of the article we recommend that you check the Best 6.5-inch focal car speakers for a full overview of the pricey and high-quality car speakers on the market today in 2017.


 Enjoy Your Car Sound System.







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