Is it worth it to break in a subwoofer?

As long as you read anything mobile audio related you will read a lot of untrustworthy discussions.

One of these discussions is that the dilemma of breaking in a subwoofer. Is it really effective? Do I need to break my subwoofer in? Some people say that it is just wrong and you don’t have to, others have created complicated steps and a lot of tools used to make it fancier.

But it is more simple than that

First of all, let’s understand why we need to break in our subwoofers:

When you buy a new subwoofer you need to give it time for most of them. Some brands say that you can go completely loud with your sub as soon as you set it up, but we don’t recommend that.


Giving you sub time to break in won’t harm you at all even if the brand told you that you should not break it in.

Giving the spider, the cone, the woofer, and the rubber surrounded time to break in is always a good idea.


How to properly break in your subwoofer?

There is a lot of FANCY ways people created to break in a sub. But we found that the most simple of them is the best one.

Simply after you set your sub up you will need to play very bassy music perhaps for like 2 hours a day but with a low or medium volume. Don’t turn the volume up.

It will depend on your subwoofer and the time it takes to break in but you will feel it.

Some people say it has to be 2 days before, some say a week and some say 2 weeks. Whatever you are the one who is going to determine when you subwoofer broke in.


What to expect after breaking in your subwoofer?

After breaking your subwoofer you should find a huge improvement in the performance of your subwoofer.

It will hit harder and you will find that the sub components are now comfortable producing more than you ask for.


What to avoid when breaking in your sub?

You will find a lot of people recommending that you break your subwoofer at just one night playing it all the time and a lot of such suggestions. We don’t say that this is bad because we did not test their ways but we see this as we don’t need it. What will happen when you break your subwoofer in one day? Nothing. And what if it turned out to ruin your sub? We say you don’t do this and give the break in thing its time and it’s size.


If you found us missing anything about how to break in a sub please tell us in the comments so, we fix it and add it.

As Always Enjoy Your Car Sound System