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How To Choose The Best New Car Speaker?!

You agree with me when I say that a car speaker is the essence of your car sound system. If you bought good speakers you will enjoy your sound system but when you buy a bad speaker you can’t enjoy your system whatever you brought to it. We reviewed so ...
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What Gauge Wire Do I Need To My New Amp?!

I agree with you, things could get so complicated when it comes to wiring toolkits in your car. So many things to take in consideration while trying to connect your next amp to a subwoofer or a set of speakers. We read a lot of compelling content in this area ...
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install a car stereo

How To Replace Your Car Stereo?!

Disclaimer: we read and learned how to replace the car stereo from the Crutchfield’s awesome tutorial. Okay, so we didn’t give so much of technical articles on our site. Playing with car sound system components is quite hard and could cost you some components but if you are willing to ...
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how to break in a subwoofer

Is it worth it to break in a subwoofer?

As long as you read anything mobile audio related you will read a lot of untrustworthy discussions. One of these discussions is that the dilemma of breaking in a subwoofer. Is it really effective? Do I need to break my subwoofer in? Some people say that it is just wrong ...
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sealed vs ported-2

Sealed or Ported Enclosure? What is the best for me?!

Can anyone deny the importance of including subwoofers in your car sound system setup?!. Also, no one could deny that picking the right sub box is going to make a difference in the sound you will get from your subwoofers. One evergreen question a lot of people are asking is ...
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