Kicker Hideaway 11HS8 everything you need to know before buying

Greetings from the loudest place on the Internet, we wish you’re doing good with your car sound system enjoying your ride and listening to what entice you in your way.

these days a lot of people are thinking about supporting their vehicle’s sound system with a small subwoofer that could increase the output quality to get you to have a unique listening experience in your car, so we thought that we should review the best and the most argued items to talk about everything around these small subs in detail.

one of the most popular and successful small subwoofers in this category is the NEW KICKER 11HS8 8″ 150W Hideaway Car Audio Powered Subwoofer and with all the arguments around it from how good is it and why it is so expensive we thought we should throw an in detail review for the NEW KICKER 11HS8 Hideaway.

hideaway sub

Kicker hideaway 11HS8 everything you need to know:

hideaway sub

A bit about the hideaway 11HS8

The kicker hideaway is the first compact powered subwoofer and an International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) Innovations award winner for design and engineering.

The hideaway delivers magnificent low-frequency output from a small enclosure

From kicker official site here’s quotes from their hideaway description

the Hideaway combines a 150-watt amplifier and an 8-inch subwoofer to add thumping bass to any vehicle from the tightest locations. It also provides a quick-connect power plug and Velcro®-fastened nylon straps for secure installation and simple but fast removal.
The Hideaway comes with a remote bass control for fine-tuning bass levels, adjustable low-pass crossover, variable +6dB bass boost, the phase-canceling switch for max output and two automatic turn-on options. It also features high- and low-level inputs for integration with nearly any factory or after-market head unit.

before anything let’s see where the hideaway powered subwoofer could fit in various cars:

under the seat?!

hideaway in a car 4.jpg

in the back seat?!

hideaway in a car 3.jpg

and in the back of the car hideaway in a car 2.jpgagain 🙂

hideaway in a car 1

so, it fits anywhere and with these examples and the specifications you gonna see below you will see if this baby would be a good choice to include in your car

the 11HS8 specifications:

Subwoofer (in, cm): 8, 20

RMS power (watts), 14.4V: 150

Frequency response (Hz): 25-120


12dB/octave low pass at 50-120Hz;

24dB/octave high pass at 25Hz

Phase switch: 0°/180°

Input sensitivity:

Low level – 125mV-5V

High level – 250mV-10V

KickEQ boost: variable to +6dB @ 40Hz

Weight (lbs, kg): 9.4, 4.3

why the kicker hideaway subwoofer is awesome and why you should be buying it?

The kicker hideaway has a very specific product persona that makes it one of the best in it’s small subs category

The 11HS8 features include that it fits in every place  in your car  and that’s because it’s size with 11.5 x 5 x 18 inches dimensions

Don’t underestimate the hideaway subs for its small size and remember that it is from kicker and they also have thought about the sound quality and actually they did quite will about it so the kicker hideaway sub produces a low-frequency output and deep bass that you’ll actually like and this is because various reasons

1- the remote bass:

I really love it and I think you will also do when you use it and that’s because with the hideaway remote bass you are going to control the level of the produced bass out of the hideaway sub.

hideaway bass remote

2-KickEQ boost

3- Frequency response (Hz) 25-120

So, it’s quite obvious now that you for a lot of reasons you should consider the kicker hideaway 11HS8 while thinking about buying a new sub for your car, so what various reasons?!!

You’ll have the opportunity to add a very cool sub in your car without caring about the place you will put it in because the kicker hideaway sub fits in anyplace in your car from the under the seat of your car to the back of your car, believe me, it will fits.

 The fact that you will enjoy high-end quality sound with tons of customization that we always love to have to make the hideaway even more valuable and very recommended.
It’s a kicker MAN, and it will always hit hard because they alway care about how it sounds in and if you’re following the subs business you can see that they’re pretty clever in this.
Now we’ve got to the beautiful part in the review that after listing the facts and saying our opinions we’ll show you the PEOPLE opinions from Youtube, amazon, and any other place we get the good review about the hideaway sub.

First Amazon customer reviews:

We’ll include 4 customer reviews and we’ll include also negative reviews but before we do that we just want you to understand why customer reviews are just a way for improving our buying decision

The review you read is from a person who have encountered other experiences than you will meet and has a different car from your car and had installed the sub in a way that is different from the way you’re going to install your sub so, whatever the review is negative or positive you just need to mind these reviews so  you can make a better informative decision.

Review #1: hard to please but kicker managed to please him.

from the review, you can see that the customer is really enjoying the kicker hideaway in his 2001 cab and what he like in the 11HS8 is the fact that it hits very hard and the lows are fantastic.

kicker hideaway customer review 1

Review #2: the one who likes it then hates it.

it is very obvious that there is a problem with the piece he got in his car and it is not a general rule for the hideaway to be in this way and we don’t know if there is something wrong with his installation or not but yes if we’re going to blame the hideaway we will blaming it that the piece is bad and we need to change it

kicker hideaway customer review 2

Review #3: The wise one.

this guy got his hideaway installed professionally the thing that is really recommended if you’re not a wiring savvy and what he likes about the kicker 11HS8 is surely its sound, bass, and the fact that it is a powered subwoofer that fits in any place in his Toyota

kicker hideaway customer review 3

Review #4: The one that doesn’t like the output.

in this review we’ve got something different and the customer don’t like the output from the hideaway which is something we don’t use to even from the bad reviews in the INTERNET and this is kind of interesting because not a lot of this issue are out there for the kicker hideaway but the one thing that could make us believe if the sound is bad or good will be from the video reviews that are going to be our next section in the review

kicker hideaway customer review 4

the reviews part for the hideaway 8-inch sub won’t be perfect without including some videos that you watch and understand more why this powered sub is one of the best powered subs out there.

we’ll include a lot of videos from a variety of people trying to show the kicker in a lot of cars and models and this to provide you with the most extensive collection on the internet on how the people are acting with the kicker hideaway subwoofer

First, check the kicker introducing it’s hideaway sub in this video:

Quality mobile video has made a detailed review about the hideaway in this video so, check it out:

this one is testing the hideaway in aToyotaa tacoma 2013:

The kicker hideaway in 2006 miata:

The hideaway in Toyota Tacoma Extended Cab01:

The 11HS8 in Wrangler Black Bear:

Kicker hideaway on a gmc acadia:

there is still one thing you need to know before you buy the kicker hideaway subwoofer and it is about it’s installation so we’ve got you a video and an image that illustrate how the kicker 11HS8 is going to be installed in your car

kicker hideaway installation

and this video is an in detail video that takes you in the kicker hideaway installation from start to finish:

the end?!

In this kicker 11HS8 hideaway review we were working to make sure to fill every point and respond to every question we’re asking and you also were willing to be responded to, if you have found the kicker hideaway a subwoofer that fits in your car and gives you the sound, the bass, the low output frequency you’re seeking you will really need to purchase it

about our opinion we see that if you are in a need for a   small sub that produces low-frequency output, deep bass, very clear music, and it is a powered subwoofer that is made to be a high-end quality product and you don’t mind to pay $209.99 for this,  the kicker hideaway will be a perfect choice for your vehicle.

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