A very fancy but practical double-DIN head unit that a lot of people loved it for the features, quality and for sure the price.

No one can argue that with today’s technology the need for a double-DIN head unit increases more than ever.

The diversity between the needs opened a market for innovation and creativity so every company could make its special receiver that you will enjoy if they managed to serve you different needs.

Pioneer is now one of the best companies who make amazing head units.

they raised the bar with their creativity and understanding of what we really need in a stereo.

Today we are reviewing the Pioneer FH-X720BT. A very fancy but practical double-DIN head unit that a lot of people loved it for the features, quality and for sure the price.

As we mentioned the thing that makes every stereo unique is the set of features you get with when you buy it and if these features are going to serve your needs well or not.

So we are going to highlight every single feature you will get if you bought this stereo and you will then decide if it is the best unit for you. Ready?!

everything you need to know about the Pioneer FH-X720BT:


The features:


For people like myself, we never use this feature on any device. Whether it is a laptop or a receiver we never carry CDs and use them but for another type of people they enjoy using  CDs to sort their music and I personally know people who have a lot of CDs in their car and use them Daily. For these people, you are going to like this stereo.

With support for CD-Audio, CD-RW, and CD-R  you can play barely anything on your CDs.

Built-in Bluetooth:

The first modern feature a lot of the people search for in a stereo is a built-in Bluetooth. As going wireless is becoming a big deal these days you can’t ignore this feature while buying your next head unit.

With this stereo, you are going to enjoy hands-free calls and wireless audio streaming with any device that supports Bluetooth.

Dual phone connect:

You can pair two different devices with the unit and make calls and listen to music from both of them.


Pioneer brings the DJ to your car with this stereo as you can enjoy 9 different DJ effects in your car with the Mixtrax feature.

Simply, it takes your music and adds DJ effects to them and it works with iPhones, iPods and selected Android devices.

Phonebook and other calling features:

One of the best features you will get with the FH-X720BT is how they care about how easy you can make and deal with calls with their head unit.

A feature called phone book and it does exactly what it called when you pair your phone with the stereo automatically your phone book on your mobile device will be on the stereo and you can access it, search it, and also make calls from it.

Another cool feature is called log which is basically storing your recent calls so, you can access them more easily.

And finally, voice dialing which works with Siri. you can make voice commands to call anyone on your iPhone.  

MOSFET Amplifier:

We all know that MOSFET amplifier is smaller and more efficient amp than the usual one and with having this unit you will take advantage of all the features a MOSFET amp provides.


The Pioneer FH-X720BT  packed with awesome features when it comes to the display.

Starting with color customization which is a very cool feature you can customize the illumination the way you want with the color you want from more than 210.000 colors.

Brightness control: a super dope feature that we found thousands of people asking for it is to be able to adjust the brightness of your display because as the day goes you will need different brightness view.

Mixtrax illumination:

The Club illumination style is here with this fancy feature and you can choose between a lot of patterns that you can enjoy in a lot of situations.

Remote control:

remote control

With  IR remote control you can manage the essentials as you see in the image. From skipping tracks to changing sources it provides you with fast access to a lot of things.

A note for people who like to fully integrate their phones with their units, this stereo is not for you. It has a lot of features but if you want to use apps like Android Auto and Apple’s CarPlay app you have to go with a touch screen car stereo.  

What is bad about the FH-X720BT?


No one can deny that this stereo is amazing but as we said there are a lot of features out there and if you don’t know what you want you may fall with a unit you don’t like.

People complained about the display as it is small (very true) and some people also complained about the Bluetooth connection.

This is the part where we mention that this unit has more than 1000 customers reviewed it on Amazon and 72% of them gave it 5 stars rating.

Also on Crutchfield 503 customers reviewed it and 359 gave it 5 stars and 116 gave it 4 stars  so it is absolutely something good

How to install it ?!

In this video you will see this amazing guy installing the unit so you get a better understanding on how to install it:

A very fancy but practical double-DIN head unit that a lot of people loved it for the features, quality and for sure the price.
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