Rockford Fosgate R500X1D Review

We are starting a series of reviews for the best amplifiers out there and we thought we should start with RF because of their reputation and the fact that we really like them.

We picked the Rockford Fosgate R500X1D to be the amplifier we review. It is a very popular amplifier with a lot of talking about it.

What do you think about Rockford Fosgate? Most of the Audiophiles who had experience with their audio products were quite satisfied with what they got.

Do you know that Rockford Fosgate made the first MOSFET amplifier design? Interesting ha!

We like Rockford for a lot of reasons, like their design for every speaker or amplifier they produce is always a delightful experience to review and see.

The R500X1D is an amplifier you don’t want to miss from Rockford. A lot of features, a lot of power, and beautiful design that makes it stands in the crowd and we are just scratching the surface of this class-D beast.

To get the most out of our review we will tell you what we are going to do in advance:

1- we are going to talk about every technical aspect and tell you about the technologies Rockford used to make the R500X1D.

2- the second part of our review will be a user-centered one. We read every user review on the web about the R500X1D and analyzed at. So, we are going to tell you what we found.

A lot to do so, let’s start:

1- About Rockford Fosgate R500X1D:

The bottom line is that the 500X1D is one of the best Class D mono amplifiers in the market in 2017.

This is the combination of a very solid design, durability, Power, and how Rockford understand what we really need and what it looks like to own a good amplifier in your car.


The Design:

Using different black materials makes it a very elegant amplifier, with the Rockford logo in silver in the middle makes it even more beautiful.

But this is not the part that made us like the design of the Rockford Fosgate R500X1D so much.

The positioning is what really got us. You see, where Rockford positioned the control area and the wiring area to fit in a comfortable position however you set it up is quite awesome.

So, when it comes to design a solid amplifier we know that Rockford really knows their business.

Rockford Fosgate R500X1D



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The durability:

Just like the design, Rockford cared about things you would like to find in any amplifier you want to buy.

When you buy an amplifier you want to check how the amplifier could affect the subwoofer or whatever you are powering it with. and then see how the company cared about the amp itself through what special material or technologies they used to reduce or prevent the damage.

So, let me outline the things that make the R500XD so durable.

Frist of all, the 2-position phase which gives you the option to turn it between 0° or 180° to match the rest of your vehicle’s speaker system.

The heavy cast aluminum follows the damage and the heat so you can enjoy long periods of time playing your stuff without having any problems or heat.

Adding to all of this the built-in sensors that keep track of the output current and power supply temperature.

Matching the output of the unit you are mounting to the amplifier is so easy with the Gain Control feature you get with the R500X1D.



here is an interesting part of this amplifier, you could barely control everything you want from this part at the bottom of the amp + he wired remote that you place at the place you want.

With the low-pass filter and Rockford Fosgate’s famous Punch boost, you could get exactly the bass you want.

The speaker-level inputs lets you set it up with whatever sound system you want from the factory system to the BIG SUBS, set it up and it is going to impress you.

After you set the amp’s wired remote you could adjust the volume of the amp easily from it.



The Rockford Fosgate R500X1D could give 500Watts at 2OHM, and 300Watts at 4OHM and 647.


Know you know how much power it could give, how durable the amp is and how it could save your mounted units from damaging, how you could control the amplifier and how they designed it. The technical part is now done and you don’t need any more details to know about this tiny beast.

The technical part is now done and you don’t need any more details to know about this tiny beast.

The technical part is now done and you don’t need any more details to know about this tiny beast.

But this is just our first part of our BIG review so let’s jump on what the people said about the 500Watts at 2OHM, 300Watts at 4OHM and 647.

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the second part

What people said about the R500X1D?!

This baby has been reviewed by more than 670 customers on Amazon, 88% of them gave it 5 stars rating which proves that the Rockford Fosgate R500X1D is just awesome.

Very quick installation, amazing price, sleek design, durable material


You might find something that annoys you like the blue light on the control knob if you positioned it directly into your face in your car. But this is something you could easily deal with.

We found between 1% to 2% of the customers complaining about stuff like the durability and wiring problems but Overall reviews, people really like the Rockford Fosgate R500X1D.

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Amp specs and features:

  • Mono subwoofer amplifier
  • Remote Punch Level Control module
  • 18′ Remote Punch Level Control cable (RJ-25 connector on both ends)
  • 6″ Speaker level input harness
  • 3mm Allen wrench
  • Four 3/4″ Self-tapping screws
  • Two 1/2″ Self-tapping screws
  • 4 Flat washers
  • Installation & Operation manual (English/ French/ Spanish/ German/ Italian)
  • Amplifier verification certificate

Rockford Fosgate R500X1D 2


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Know we assume you know everything you need before buying your next amp and completely understand if this amp is the right one for you or not.

if you liked our review share it so more people could read it. and if you didn’t feedback us in the comments or through our contact page.

As Always, Enjoy Your Car Sound System.

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