Sealed or Ported Enclosure? What is the best for me?!


Can anyone deny the importance of including subwoofers in your car sound system setup?!.

Also, no one could deny that picking the right sub box is going to make a difference in the sound you will get from your subwoofers.

One evergreen question a lot of people are asking is that what is the best box, A sealed sub box or a ported one?!

The problem with this question is not the answer because go to any forum or big mobile audio community like audioholics and Crutchfield and you are going to find a lot of answers. 

The problem though is how we perceive the enclosure thing. It is just a box. Ya, it will affect the sound output but it will depend greatly on our music style and how we want to get to listen to music in our cars.

So, we decided to demonstrate first some factors that we should decide what is the type of the box we are going to include in our car.

Factors on which we will pick a sealed or ported enclosure:

1- The subwoofer:

How many subwoofers can you find in the market these days? A lot ha! Okay, let me tell you that every subwoofer has its perfect setup.

We reviewed the best SPL subwoofers and mentioned that we recommend Ported enclosures for SPL subs. Because we know that the Perfect setup for SPL subs is getting Ported sub box to support the main reason you are getting SPL sub which could be competing or getting more bass.

Also, we reviewed The best shallow mount subwoofers in the market and with this category we recommend Sealed sub boxes to support the accurate tight bass and the space aspect. The reasons you probably will get a shallow mount subwoofer for.


2- The space:

Let’s face it sometimes you don’t pick what is the best enclosure for you, your car does.

You see when you don’t have a lot of space for a ported enclosure you will get a sealed enclosure with no other option.


3- Your music style:

If you are an Electro guy, you should get a ported sub enclosure because it will give you the best setup possible to enjoy your type of music. On the other hand, if you listen to pop you have to go with a sealed one to enjoy more sound quality and more accurate bass.

The one thing we need you to understand is that the question is not what is better a sealed or a ported sub box. Instead of this we need to ask what is the best enclosure for (rock/ competition subwoofers/ small car space/ and so on and so forth)


Sealed enclosures vs. ported enclosures. Let’s settle the debate

Sealed enclosures, myths, and reality:

sealed enclosure

A lot of people are saying that what you get with a sealed sub box is very good sound quality but no bass. This is completely a myth.

You are not going to get booms but you will get very decent bass that if you are an ordinary user you will be more than satisfied with what you get with the sealed box.  


sealed subwoofers consist of a subwoofer, an enclosure, and an amplifier. The sealed air in sealed subwoofers acts like a shock absorber which is in a smooth way modulating the cone in a back and forth motion.


One more thing about sealed subwoofers is that it takes more power to produce the same volume because of its flat frequency response the thing that enables it of producing tight accurate bass.

sealed demonstration


So, with sealed subwoofers, you will get more accurate bass (but not boomy), more sound quality, and it will take less space from your car.


Ported enclosures, myths, and reality:

ported enclosure

A lot of people are saying that with ported subwoofers you will get nothing but rattling bass. No sound quality, and you will enjoy no music, just bass. Again this is a complete myth.


You see, it is not about the enclosure, it just helps to get the most out of your driver(subwoofer) and your overall setup. So, if you got a subwoofer that is known for its sound quality and used it with ported box. It will not remove its sound quality


While using a ported box you can use a smaller amplifier to get the same volume you get from a sealed enclosure with more powerful amp


Also, With a ported box, the cone has greater freedom of motion. The port redirects sound from the rear of the cone and add it to the sound coming from the front, which makes the bass louder. And thanks for the free air in the ported box it is going to help to cool the woofer.


So, with a ported enclosure, you will get boomy rattling bass, it will take more space, good sound quality but not as good as the sealed subwoofers, and it will give you more volume with less power.


We guess now you understand what is wrong on the internet with the Sealed and ported boxes issue. The people don’t know what they want so, they ask what is the best box which is something will give them a generic response and they will be not able to act upon it.


The next time you go to pick a new enclosure you determine what sub box you will buy using these factors:

1- The subwoofer

2- The space

3- Your music style


We can assure you that after answering these questions you will pick the best enclosure for you and your style.


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As Always Enjoy Your Car Sound System.