Best 5 touchscreen car stereo to buy in 2017

Car Touch screen StereoScreen sizeBuilt-in BluetoothPrice double-din or single-din
Pioneer AVIC-8200NEX7"yes$$$$ double-din
Pioneer AVH-X2800BS6.2"yes$$ double-din
PIONEER AVH-X7800BT7"yes$$$double-din
Pyle PLBT73G7"yes$$single-din
Kenwood DDX23BT6.2"yes$$single-din

With new technologies rises every single day the need to upgrade your toolkit in every device or thing you use is becoming greater. and with going more visual than ever in 2017 having a touch screen radio for your car is something you may be considered or going to consider in the near feature.

How you could pick the best touch screen radio for your car in 2017?!

okay, there is a lot of factors to consider while picking your touch screen head unit but we are going to mention the most important out of them here:

1- the touch screen car radio integration with modern devices:

if you can’t connect and integrate the head unit with your modern devices it’s a peace of crap that you should get rid of it right now. your media, all of it are on your modern devices the thing that means if you can’t connect them with your car you’re not going to enjoy any of them.


2- control options:

the more control options in your head unit the fancier it will be for you to enjoy your new touch screen radio.


3- built for navigation:

if you’re buying a touch screen radio for your car it should came to your head that you want to use it as GPS because it will be a better screen to display the navigation details.


4- display and streaming music options:

a lot of touchscreen radio will give you the option to connect more than one device and connect your media in your car with a lot of ways. so it’s important to pick the unit that gives you the options you love the most.

also controlling your media and how they’re going to be played in your car is a very important in picking your touchscreen radio for your car.


with these factors in mind, you should now dive into our list and pick the best touchscreen radio for your car.


Best 5 touch screen radio head units for your car in 2017:


1- Pioneer AVIC-8200NEX: 

Pioneer AVIC-8200NEX



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The Pioneer AVIC-8200NEX the best on the list without any talking. And also it is the best of all the stereos and head units you could get in from the market today in 2017.

The thing that makes us love the Pioneer AVIC-8200NEX so much is two features:

1- Apple Car Play: the Apple CarPlay feature has revolutionized the way we use iPhones in our cars. It’s safe, fun, and more practical.

2- Android Auto: Android Auto provides you with a very Checkout and intuitive way to interact with your Android phone in your car.
Check out the Android Auto review from Android Authority:

And you can check a full review of the Pioneer AVIC-8200NEX from the Quality mobile video here:

The Pioneer AVIC-8200NEX features:

  • DVD/CD receiver with 7″ touchscreen and AM/FM tuner
  • fits double-DIN (4″ tall) dash openings
  • internal amp (14 watts RMS CEA-2006/50 watts peak x 4 channels)
  • built-in Bluetooth for hands-free calling and audio streaming
  • built-in HD Radio tuner
  • remote control
  • plays lossless FLAC audio files (up to 192kHz/24-bit) from your flash drive
  • Android Auto™ compatible
  • Apple CarPlay™ compatible
  • built-in iPod, iPhone, and iPad control
  • Siri Eyes Free control with iPhone 4s and newer
  • built-in Android control
  • Google Now voice control with compatible phones
  • Pandora and Aha Radio control through iPhone and Android

Navigation Features:

  • maps of United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico, plus 7.9 million points of interest
  • free traffic updates in major metropolitan areas
  • text-to-speech announces actual street names at turns
  • natural voice guidance
  • lane guidance
  • speed limit warnings
  • enhanced street signs and junction view
  • manual map zoom

2- Pioneer AVH-X2800BS:

Pioneer AVH-X2800BS In-Dash



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The Pioneer AVH-X2800BS is the most popular Pioneer touchscreen radio till now. It’s a famous one.

it provides you with the basic things features you will ever need in a touch screen radio for a car.
With this kit, you will get free hands calls, wireless music streaming, 6.2” inch screen, and a remote control.

These features are basic features but one thing you don’t know about what basic means is that the basic features are what you will use most of the time. Let’s say 90% of the time.

AVH-X2800BS deliver everything you need for a touchscreen radio and most important is it deliver it pretty well.

it makes a wonderful touch screen with fast response and easy integration and scrolling. The Bluetooth connects very fast and none of the customers faced any lag in the connection.

Also, this kit delivers very clear sound and a lot of options to manage your car sound system output like EQ control.

it is a very intuitive option for those who need a touch screen radio for your car that is less than $300, that is Awesome, and that is Pioneer.

The Pioneer AVH-X2800BS has a lot of additional hidden features that you will discover just by using it for a while most of these features are mentioned here:

  • built-in Bluetooth for hands-free calling and audio streaming
  • 6.2″ touchscreen display
  • Siri Eyes Free with compatible devices
  • multi-color illumination with MIXTRAX audio and visual effects
  • fits double-DIN dash openings
  • remote control included
  • built-in iPod, iPhone, and iPad control
  • Pandora and Spotify control with iPhone and Android
  • 13-band graphic equalizer with 7 preset EQ curves
  • high- and low-pass filters
  • works with SiriusXM SXV300 tuner




Pioneer AVHX7700BT



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The Pioneer AVH-X7800BT is one of the Pioneer AVH series.

It’s a Single-DIN In-Dash DVD Receiver that comes with handy cool stuff like Bluetooth, Siri-Eyes free, and flip-out displaying.

The Pioneer AVH-X7800BT is a touch screen car radio that is designed for our Today’s technology and Mobile.

You can stream Spotify from it in a second, and its Bluetooth connection gives you the ability to stream whatever you want without the AUX connection that most of us hate it.

The Pioneer AVH-X7800BT touch screen is a very clear screen that most of us will use differently. For me, I would use it to navigation or backup camera screen. But for other people, they will use it as a display screen for their favorite videos. It depends.

In general, the Pioneer AVH-X7800BT is an amazing option for you if you want a GENERAL Touch screen radio that works very good for multiple purposes. The Pioneer AVH-X7800BT will make you satisfied.


The Pioneer AVH-X7800BT features:

  • responsive, powerful and intuitive NEX user interface
  • Improved, Clear Resistive Touchscreen
  • Dual Bluetooth connection
  • CEA-2006 compliant amplifier
  • Remote control included
  • 7″ Flip-out TFT Active Matrix Driving Display
  • Spotify control for iPhone/iPod via USB
  • or iPhone/iPod via USB | Pandora control for iPhone/iPod via USB
  • Built-in Bluetooth technology for hands-free talking and audio streaming



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4- Pyle PLBT73G:

Pyle PLBT73G



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The Pyle PLBT73G is a very COMPETITIVE touch screen radio.

Customers who bought it were thinking that it is a cheap product that is the creepy or low-quality item. But it is NOT.

The Pyle PLBT73G has a lot of features that you are gonna like but most importantly it is a high-quality item that comes at a very reasonable price. Probably under $200.

You will get a lot of fancy features with the Pyle PLBT73G like built-in Bluetooth and built-in microphone to make the free hands calling experience at it’s best.

Something that a lot of customers liked about the Pyle PLBT73G is it’s integrated GPS navigation system.

the ease of use and how it could be your only navigation device makes the Pyle PLBT73G even better.


The Pyle PLBT73G features:

  • Hi-Resolution 7-inch HD Digital Display
  • Built-in Bluetooth for Wireless Music Streaming
  • Built-in Microphone for Hands-Free Calling
  • Integrated GPS Navigation System
  • Text to Speech & Turn-by-Turn Voice Prompts
  • Touch Screen Control Operation


5- Kenwood DDX23BT: 

Kenwood DDX23BT 2



Check the price


It is fascinating to see a touchscreen radio from Kenwood at this price point with these build quality and features.

With $200 you can upgrade your car radio system with the Kenwood DDX23BT and start using your technologies easily in your car.

it features built-in Bluetooth for hands-free calling, ease of connection and integration

For a more detailed review you can check this video review for the Kenwood DDX23BT:

The Kenwood DDX23BT features:

  • 6.2 inch Wide VGA Color LCD Display with LED Backlight
  • Touch Panel Control, Variable Key Illumination
  • Bluetooth Built-in (Hands-Free Profile / Audio Profile(A2DP) (AAC)/ SPP)
  • Android Rapid Charge
  • 1 Video Input for Rear View Camera (Parking Guide Line)
  • Dual Phone Connection
  • Wireless Music Browsing (Bluetooth AVRCP1.5)


Now you have made it to the end of our list we think you have picked your new touch screen radio head unit and we also think that you want to read more of our content 

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as usual if you are having any question for us we would be glad to respond and if you have any thoughts please, share them with us in the comments.

As Always, Enjoy Your Car Sound System.






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