Pioneer TS-WX120A 2017 Review

Man, You deserve to have nice bass in your car that doesn’t take a lot of space and don’t take so much money from your pocket. Don’t you think so?!

We started our series on reviewing the best under seat subwoofers in the market with the ALPINE PWE-S8. Which we found AMAZING. And today we continue reviewing the best under seat subwoofers in the market with the  Pioneer TS-WX120A which was a pleasant experience for us to review.

Pioneer TS-WX120A


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First of all, let’s define who the TS-WX120A is made for?

You see, under seat subwoofers are not for everybody and also are not for every car and these things are what make all the difficulty in deciding whether you should buy an under seat sub or not.

With full confidence, you can go with the WX120A if you don’t have a lot of space in your car and want to add solid (not a rattling) bass in your car.

Another scenario to consider this under seat sub is that if you have a good speakers system but you want to support them with solid bass.

The last scenario is that if your type of music is something do not need a lot of bass and vibration even if you have space and the money you can go with the WX120A. It will provide all you need.

Now, if you are in a situation that is similar to the scenarios we sorted above you should continue reading our review to know everything about the TS-WX120A before deciding if it is the best under seat sub for you or not. If not you should go check our review for the Top Rated SPL subwoofers in 2017.

Why is the Pioneer TS-WX120A an amazing compact sub?

The installation:

You see, when you buy a compact sub you need its installation to be easy and that’s exactly what Pioneer made in this sub, you can read every customer review on the internet whether they liked the WX120A or not they can’t complain about the installation because it is so easy.


Built-in Amplifier:

With 150 Watt Built-in MOSFET Amp, you are going to get enough electricity to power this little monster. And with a 98dB sensitivity, the sub is going to take full advantage of the amp. And with the MOSFET technology, you are going to enjoy the amp.


Design and Enclosure Size:

You need to know that we are dealing with a very compact subwoofer here which has 8″ x 5-1/4″ dimensions which mean that you can fit it under any seat and we are going to show you some pics people took  with the sub in their car:

Pioneer TS-WX120A in a car 3


Pioneer TS-WX120A in a car 2

So now you see how small the sub is. But something we would love to highlight is the design, which is completely magnificent. Pioneer has done an amazing job designing this sub and we like how they used different materials and the black color to give us such beautiful sub.


Wired Remote:

People love this remote it is so fancy and gives you more options to enjoy the experience controlling the Gain, phase, and LPF.

Pioneer TS-WX120A remote



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Sound and Bass quality:

the sub is not going to rattle your car. What you will get is a very clean sound with deep and clean bass that will fill your car with JOY. do not expect it to break the windows but it will shake it :).


Look, you will pay less than $150 for the Pioneer TS-WX120A. For the price range and the size, you aren’t going to find a better deal. So, if you liked the features we listed believe us it the best in its price range and size range.


So, what the people think about the Pioneer TS-WX120A?

As always, we read and analyzed the reviews of the customers on the web. Nobody hated the sub. Some people said that you could get a better deal for the same amount of money and others said that the sound is not as they expected but this is something that variates from a guy to another.

49 people reviewed the subwoofer on Amazon and 90% of them gave it 5 stars so, it’s up to you now to decide whether you like the Pioneer TS-WX120A or not and if you are going to include it to your sound system.


What do we think about the TS-WX120A?

We think it is pretty decent under seat subwoofer and it is at least the best compact subwoofer Pioneer made. If feel that it fits you and your needs go with it and you will be happy.

Pioneer TS-WX120A


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Pioneer TS-WX120A installation guide:

For the installation, we always prefer to include videos from people demonstrating how they exactly installed the sub in their car. For the WX120A we found these so helpful videos:


We hope you found our review useful and if you have any suggestions or comments please share them with us


As Always, Enjoy Your Car Sound System.

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